Lincoln Public Schools

Mission Statement


The Lincoln Board of Education is committed to providing the highest quality education for all Lincoln Public Schools students. The board sees the primary mission of the schools to be the development of responsible adults:

* who are productive citizens of a pluralistic community, nation and world; * who are prepared to learn throughout their lives; and * who are appreciative of the arts, history and culture.

The board holds the district staff accountable for achieving the schools' mission through the most effective and efficient use of available resources.

The board further recognizes that students in the Lincoln Public Schools are educated for the future and therefore expects the school district to be self-renewing, flexible and capable of adjusting to the needs of its various constituencies.

As the elected governing body of the school district, the board believes in sharing its decision-making processes with parents, students, and other citizens and staff members.

Statement of Purpose

The Lincoln Board of Education supports the educational mission of the State of Nebraska. In accordance with this commitment, the board declares that it is the purpose of the Lincoln School District to:

  • Offer each individual the opportunity to develop competence in the basic skills of communications, computations and knowledge of basic facts concerning the environment, history and society;
  • Offer each individual the opportunity to develop higher order thinking and problem-solving skills by means of adequate preparation in mathematics, science, the social sciences and foreign languages and through appropriate and progressive use of technology;
  • Inspire in each individual the ability and desire to continue learning throughout his or her life;
  • Encourage knowledge and understanding of political society and democracy in order to foster active participation therein;
  • Encourage the creative potential of each individual through exposure to the fine arts and humanities;
  • Encourage a basic understanding of and aid the development of good health habits; and
  • Offer each individual the opportunity for career exploration and awareness.

Goals for Students

The students in the Lincoln Public Schools enter school with diverse talents, interests and needs. Throughout the course of their public school education, students will have the opportunity to develop to their greatest potential. It is the intention of the Lincoln Public Schools that all students will achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate competence and fluency in the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, in the English language, and mathematics.
  • Think critically and creatively, using higher order thinking skills to make decisions, solve problems, and create new perspectives and possibilities.
  • Understand the important ideas from the arts, humanities, sciences, and mathematics, and understand the relationships among them.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for living in a democracy and becoming a contributing member of society.
  • Understand and celebrate the diversity and interdependence of our pluralistic, multicultural community, nation, and world.
  • Respect and care for themselves and others.
  • Respect and care for the natural environment.
  • Work with others productively and cooperatively.
  • Develop the skills and attitudes essential to enter the work force.
  • Become a lifelong learner
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