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Wednesday Illness Report


Average out
due to illness

Mar 25, 2015

Lincoln Public Schools Health Services reports the percentage of students not in attendance due to illness every Wednesday. Any location with more than 10% of their population out due to illness is reported to the Lancaster County Health Department to aid them in assessing local illness.

Adams: 1%
Arnold: 1%
Beattie: 2%
Belmont: 3%
Brownell: 3%
Bryan Community School: 4%
Calvert: 2%
Campbell: 3%
Cavett: 1%
Clinton: 1%
Culler: 2%
Dawes: 2%
Don D. Sherrill Education Center: 1%
East: 2%
Eastridge: 1%
Elliott: 2%
Entrepreneurship Focus Program: 8%
Everett: 5%
Fredstrom: 2%
Goodrich: 2%
Hartley: 1%
Hill: 1%
Holmes: 2%
Humann: 1%
Huntington: 3%
Irving: 3%
Kahoa: 2%
Kloefkorn: 0%
Kooser: 2%
Lakeview: 1%
Lefler: 2%
Lincoln: 2%
Lux: 2%
Maxey: 2%
McPhee: 1%
Meadow Lane: 1%
Mickle: 1%
Morley: 2%
North Star: 2%
Northeast: 2%
Norwood Park: 2%
Park: 2%
Pershing: 2%
Pound: 1%
Prescott: 2%
Pyrtle: 3%
Randolph: 3%
Riley: 1%
Roper: 1%
Rousseau: 1%
Saratoga: 4%
Schoo: 3%
Science Focus Program: 3%
Scott: 3%
Sheridan: 2%
Southeast: 2%
Southwest: 2%
Information Technology Focus Program: 2%
West Lincoln: 3%
Zeman: 2%

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