District Statistics and Evaluations

Annual Statistical Handbook

The Annual Statistical Handbook contains basic statistical information about Lincoln Public Schools. It is intended to provide the user with current information about public education in the community of Lincoln, Nebraska. The report is divided into four sections, each focusing on an important part of the educational enterprise. Beginning with the 2010-11 handbook, each section is printed separately. The sections in the Statistical Handbook are as follows: 

  •  Student: Information about students in the district
  •  Personnel: Information about employees of the district
  •  Facilities: Information about facilities operated by the Lincoln Public Schools
  •  Finance: Information summarizing the financial status of the district

Use the links below and to the right to access current and historic volumes of the handbook.

2017-18 Annual Statistical Handbook

2016-17 Annual Statistical Handbook

2015-16 Annual Statistical Handbook

  • Facilities Section - (not updated for 2015-16 due to software changes - see 2014-15 Facilities section for most current information) 

Special Education Statistical Handbook