Pound students gather pennies for pasta, fundraiser

Pound Middle School students wrapped up their Pennies for Patients (aka Pennies For Pasta) campaign sponsored by the student council. Students were encouraged to bring in loose change to fill specially decorated boxes.

Funds raised went to the Nebraska Luekemia and Lymphoma Society, and that class that donated the most per student won a free catered lunch, provided by the Olive Garden, thus the nickname Pennies for Pasta. The Olive Garden is a corporate partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Three students currently attending Pound can speak to the battles of the cancer and overcoming it.

Harrison Hall is a sixth-grade student who survived Hodgkin's lymphoma. He previously attended Holmes and Zeman elementary schools. He has been in remission for a year-and-a-half, and is a ‘poster child,’ for the society, appearing on a poster in the hallway of his school promoting the efforts of the society.

Kerstin Leaf is also a survivor, beating Leukemia in 2005.  She attended Rousseau Elementary School. And Henry Zander had and beat Leukemia when he was 3.  He attended Zeman Elementary School.

In all, the school raised $6,459.99 for the society, which the school said is the largest total ever raised by a school in a single event. The pasta-winning class contributed an average of $23.12 per student and will enjoy a catered lunch from the Olive Garden in late March.

"This was an incredible effort by our Student Council, our student body, our staff, and our parents to make this happen,” said Pound Principal Chris Deibler. “In addition to the money raised, our entire school dressed in red that day.  Leukemia and Lymphoma are cancers of the blood. The "Red Out" theme was symbolic of the nature of these dreaded diseases. Various forms of cancer have affected Pound during the past few years, so it is an issue that holds special meaning for us.  I am so proud of our entire Pound Community for coming together for this worthy cause.”

Published: March 9, 2012, Updated: March 9, 2012