Lincoln Public Schools:Highlights of 7/25 Lincoln Board of Education meeting

Lincoln Public Schools: Highlights of 7/25 Lincoln Board of Education meeting

The Lincoln Board of Education held a regular meeting on Tuesday, July 25 at Lincoln Public Schools District Office, 5905 O St. The Board will hold its next meeting 6 p.m. August 8.

Highlights of 7/25 Lincoln Board of Education regular meeting

Goals for coming year

The Lincoln Board of Education Tuesday considered the annual goals and priorities established for the Board and LPS Superintendent for the coming school year. 

The 2017-18 Board of Education and Superintendent’s Annual Goals and Priorities presented for consideration were:

  • By 2019: Develop, implement and sustain district initiatives that result in an increased graduation rate, with a goal of 90 percent on-time graduates that are career and college ready.
  • By Dec. 15, 2017, adopt a Strategic Plan and provide regular progress reports to the Board of Education commencing in 2018.
  • Establish the Superintendent's High School Task Force to investigate community options and priorities for serving high school students and make recommendations by May 1, 2018.

“These are good goals,” said LPS Superintendent Steve Joel. “It’s where the work needs to be – today and into the future.”

The Board will vote final approval of the goals August 8.

LPS policy

The Board heard proposed changes for:  Policy 5111 with a proposed change to the requirements for part-time students wishing to participate in NSAA-governed activities to align with the change in NSAA by-laws.  The Board will vote final approval August 8.

The Board approved:

  • Brand new policy in Board Operating Procedures creating a Code of Conduct.
  • A revision of Policy 8130 in Board Operating Procedures clarifying current some committee assignments.

Legislative guidelines

The Board approved annual Legislative guidelines that will provide guidance to school district staff and representatives – on proposed legislation or policy – communicating with governmental bodies when it is not possible to survey the Governmental Relations Subcommittee. 


The Board heard an update about wellness and physical activity for LPS students with speakers including:

  • Michelle Welch, district wellness facilitator
  • Matt Avey, curriculum specialist for physical education and health
  • Wendy Rau, supervisor for Health Services 

Dr. Bob Rauner, a Lincoln physician who started Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, talked about the significant value of health, wellness and physical education for LPS students.

A few highlights:

  • Yearly aerobic fitness results for students continue to improve.
  • Continued movement toward the goal: 80 percent kids fit by 2020.
  • Continued numbers that indicate the relationship between fitness and academic success.
  • Despite continued disparities, fitness improvements in diverse groups.
  • Clear relationships between healthy students and citizens – and a positive financial impact on the community.

Student Celebration

The Lincoln Board of Education recognized several students who spoke to the value of summer reading hours for the LPS school library media centers.

Those speaking were:

  • Chris Haeffner, director of Library Media Services.
  • Lindsey Parrott, who will begin second grade at Sheridan Elementary School this coming school year.
  • Keeli Gill, a student at Irving Middle School who volunteered at the Sheridan library this summer.
  • Reid Styskel and Lillias McKillip – both fifth graders from Beattie Elementary School this past year – and sixth graders at Irving this coming year. 

Public comment

Several people testified about traffic near Kahoa Elementary School.

Published: July 25, 2017, Updated: July 25, 2017