The fortitude to finish

A record number 1,636 students gave up their summer fun to come back to school and earn credits over six weeks at Lincoln North Star High School.

Some of the students were there to get a jump start on their high school classes, earning credits for required classes while avoiding school year scheduling conflicts with the courses they find interesting. For some, they were given support for English Language Learning and Special Education Services. For 120 seniors, completing summer school means earning the last few credits so they can achieve a high school diploma.

Approximately 50 students chose to walk across the stage on July 14, in a special ceremony with family, friends and school staff to celebrate the end of their high school journey. 

"Congratulations is a small word with big implications," said Lincoln Public School Board of Education Member Kathy Danek. "Because what we are really talking about is decision making...Being here today as graduates, completing the requirements, you made the right decision. Not just for today, but for your future." 

Here is a link for families to download their graduates picture.

Published: July 17, 2017, Updated: July 17, 2017