2016-17 Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools Educator Awards

Below are the recipients of the Educator Awards presented by the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools for the 2016-17 school year:

Florence J. Clark Middle School Award: 
Two awards that recognize outstanding middle school teachers
Katie Karabel - Schoo Middle School
Lance Kassebaum - Park Middle School

Helen Krieger Outstanding Healthcare Provider Award: 
Recognizes outstanding healthcare provider who has contributed to students and families
Myrna Mooberry Stanard - Northeast High School

John Prasch Health and Physical Fitness:
Recognizes an outstanding educator who promotes health and physical fitness
Darrell Dinneen - Sheridan Elementary School

Leola Bullock Multicultural Award:
Recognizes an LPS employee who fosters understanding of our multi-cultural society
Christopher Maly - Lincoln High School

Marian Battey Andersen/Charles Wheaton Battey Anderson Outstanding Teacher:
In recognition of leadership at Sheridan Elementary, Irving Middle School, or Lincoln High School
Molly Moller - Sheridan Elementary School

Marie Bourke Leadership Award:
Recognizes impact great principals have on the lives of students and teachers
Dr. Chris Deibler - Pound Middle School

Mike Troester Educator Award:
Recognizes an outstanding Southeast High School educator
Jeff Smith - Southeast High School

Myrtle Clark Educator Award:
Recognizes excellence in mathematics teaching
Cassandra Seiboldt - Northeast High School

Nancy Muehlhausen Counseling Award:
Awarded to educator accepted into a Master's level counseling program or current counselor in need of funds for professional development
Nicole Barnes - Lincoln High School

R.L. Fredstrom Award:
Awarded to teacher or coordiantor who has shown outstanding leadership qualities
Carrie Erks - Randolph Elementary and LPSDO

Ruth Eickman Award:
Awarded to an oustanding early childhood educator
Kaycee Perez - Holmes Elementary
Jill Martin - Prescott Elementary

Union Bank & Trust Award:
Awarded to elementary, middle, and high school educators who find creative ways to incorporate financial literacy in classroom setting
Lindsay Tillinghast - Southeast High School

Victor Vaughan Memorial Award:
Supports a teacher project dedicated to special education students
Craig Songster - Northeast High School

Published: July 5, 2017, Updated: July 12, 2017