Building on technology foundations during Summer Technology Program

Week three of the Lincoln Public Schools Technology Camp has come to an end. Elementary students learned the basics of constructing and programming with the EV3 Lego kit.

“[This class is] the beginner level. If you haven’t done much with the EV3 brick or you’re new to robotics, this would be the class for you,” said Mark Danley, instructor.

Danley added Legos really capture kids’ attention and when they know they can build a robot, they have a lot of fun.

“Some kids come in not really understanding about the engineering and the programming side and after a week of really getting to play and experiment, I think they leave knowing a lot more about what robots can do and what they can do.”

The middle school students learned the basics of photoshop and altered pictures in fun ways.

Instructor Jocelyn Crabtree said the students learned new techniques in altering images. 

“They've done some Andy Warhol art. They took some pictures and they made it more abstract and then add a lot of pop color to it,” commented Crabtree.


Published: June 26, 2017, Updated: June 26, 2017