Real-life experiences part of learning opportunities for business students

Jessica Thompson of Lincoln Southeast High School was one of 9 teachers from 5 high schools and programs in Lincoln Public Schools honored for their efforts in teaching business classes to students. For more on that award, read this story.

Here are her responses to questions about what concepts students learn, how they learn and how the curriculum is changing for the better for students.

Why do you feel business is a good high school topics for students?

I feel that business is a good topic to be covered in the high schools because the information that students learn will have real life benefits.  The business community has impacted so many areas that students can enter in after high school that they see the benefits of our courses very quickly.  

What types of projects do the students complete, and what do you see from them that assures they are growing their understanding?

Business students will complete a variety of projects. Some key projects that students grow the most in are creating their own business plan, creating a hospitality plan for a large group of customers, creating a travel timetable for customers and completing the accounting cycle for an entire year's worth of transactions. 

What trends have you seen in recent years in the curriculum for business? 

Business curriculum is unique in the way that the curriculum is always evolving.  As business teachers we need to adapt to current business trends so that our students are the most prepared going into the business world.  Students have gained from the trend of getting MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certified.  By having these certifications students are able to go to the business world with documentation that they are qualified.  

What hopes do you still have for your students as you continue to add and refine your own lesson plans?

I hope that we will be able to still offer the MOS certifications. I hope to continue to evolve my lesson plans so that students are getting the real-life experience that they deserve, I can accomplish this by continuing my education, bringing in community speakers and having conversations with the students. 

Published: June 5, 2017, Updated: June 5, 2017