Student drummers bring District Office into their drum circle



A circle of Lincoln High School and Irving Middle School student drummers came to Lincoln Public Schools District Office Tuesday – for the monthly LPS Learning Lunch – to perform, educate and teach community members and LPS employees about the rhythms and origins of their music.

“World drumming is open to a broader group of students,” Lincoln High School music teacher Jill Oetken told the Learning Lunch audience.  “It is a class open to students needing a music option that is a shorter commitment – a music option for students with limited financial resources – and for students with no previous experience in music.”

Lincoln High started offering world drumming as a class this school year, and Irving has a world drumming ensemble that meets as an extracurricular activity - so students from both schools came to District Office to perform at the Learning Lunch.  However, in addition, they offered lessons to members of the audience. 

“This is for anyone who wishes to make music,” said Irving music teacher Mark Irvin, “a hands-on learning experience for any student…and an opportunity to foster creativity while being part of a team and a community…This is not about how good you are – but about how good we are.”

This event was the last LPS Learning Lunch of the school year.  Watch for a new schedule this summer.

Published: May 16, 2017, Updated: May 18, 2017

"This is not about how good you are – but about how good we are.”

Irving music teacher Mark Irvin