Preschool-to-high-school tour for Rousseau's youngest

It may be a few years before the scholars of Ms. Steph’s (Stephanie Emry) Rousseau Elementary School morning preschool class are walking the halls of Lincoln Southeast High School (LSE).  However, a few of the members of the graduating classes of 2030, 2031, and 2032 recently roamed the halls to experience what it is like to be a Knight for a day.

For the third year as part of the Alexis Verzal Dream Big Experience, Ms. Steph has taken her class to visit LSE.  Throughout the year, LSE S.H.I.E.L.D. athletic club members visit the classroom and participate in activities, form bonds, and answer questions.  The exchange represents an opportunity for Rousseau scholars to, as one put it, “see where our friends learn like we do!”

“The trip is an opportunity to reinforce and show our kids where they will go when we talk about Dreaming Big and achieving our motto:  We go to school to get our education, so we can graduate and go to college!” said Emry.

Upon arrival, the LSE scholars provided the Rousseau class with a “Knight” tunnel walk welcome.  Scholars then paired up with a LSE scholar-athlete for a building tour.  Highlights included visits to biology and chemistry classrooms and the media center.  But it was a visit to Mr. Jones’ special education class that had special meaning to one Rousseau scholar, Hannah.  A hug greeted this teacher, Hannah’s dad.

Other activities included stretches in a physical education class, taking a lap on the track, playing human foosball, and being serenaded by the LSE choir.  The students and their buddies then put on their dancing shoes, and Ms. Leader’s physical education class had them join the class in the Cupid Shuffle, Uptown Funk, and a full class conga line.  These future Knights ended their day with lunch on the front steps of the building and receiving lanyards to hang their school ID on when they become freshmen.

When asked what he hoped Rousseau scholars took away from the experience, Victory Haines, LSE Assistant Athletic Director, said, “I hope we help to plant the seed early that high school isn’t a big scary place, and the excitement, fun, and learning will continue once they become a Knight.” 

Cassie Nash, a sophomore scholar-athlete, replied, “I hope they know high school can be really fun.”    

Published: April 25, 2017, Updated: April 25, 2017