Students helping students register to vote

Students in an Advanced Placement Government and Politics class at Lincoln North Star High School took extra measures to help their classmates perform their civic duty. They trained with the Lancaster County chief deputy election commissioner to become fully deputized registrars, allowing them to officially register voters in the state of Nebraska.

“They are official registrars for the state. They will be able to register people across the state forever,” said Jace Alhberg, North Star social studies teacher.

After becoming official registrars, they held a one-day event to try to get as many new voters registered as possible.

“Today I’ve help a Government and Politics class during fourth period, so about 25 people in that class. And so far five here,” commented Camryn, a senior.

Fellow senior Elizabeth said the training was helpful. “We had to read through some documents about what it meant to help people register and also what it meant about the parties and what it meant when you go vote.”

North Star students heard from their classmates the importance of letting their voices be heard through the election process, and if students met the requirements it was their choice as to whether or not to register to vote.

“It’s very easy, especially when I can do it with people I know. It being my friends makes it easy to talk to someone, especially asking questions about something you’ve never done before,” added Brooke, another North Star senior.

“If you establish the habit of voting, people will continue to do it,” said Alhberg.

Published: March 8, 2017, Updated: March 9, 2017