Lincoln Public Schools: Highlights of 1/10 Lincoln Board of Education meeting

Highlights of 1/10 Lincoln Board of Education meeting

The Lincoln Board of Education held a regular meeting on Tuesday, January 10 at Lincoln Public Schools District Office, 5905 O St. The Board will hold its next meeting Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 6 p.m.

Chromebooks: Heading into third year of Instructional Technology Plan

The Lincoln Board of Education will pave the way for Lincoln Public Schools to move into the third phase of the Instructional Technology Plan with the Tuesday consideration of a purchase that will mean all LPS students grades 3-12 will have access to individual Chromebooks – and in the future, potentially the addition of second graders. 

The purchase discussed Tuesday – with final approval set for Jan. 24 – would cover Chromebooks for more than 3,000 sixth graders as well as for more than 8,300 students at the four remaining high schools where students do not have Chromebooks (Lincoln High, Lincoln East, Lincoln North Star and Lincoln Southwest).

The original Instructional Technology Plan called for providing Chromebooks to students grades 3-12, but Board members discussed the possibility of providing the gadgets to second graders as well. Funding for addition of one more grade could be provided by extending the original three-year plan into a four-year plan.

January 2017 purchase of Chromebooks for distribution to secondary students in fall of 2017 would allow the school district to save $8 per device (a total of $66,904) and ensure all students are using the same device model.  An advantage of all students using the same model Chromebook is that as devices are retired from service, their parts can be used for repairs on those devices remaining in service.

These purchases were recommended: a total of $2.1 million to Sterling Computers (Dakota Dunes, South Dakota) to purchase 11,421 Dell 11-inch Chromebooks; $313,000 to Dell EMC, Inc. (Round Rock, Texas) for device management licensing (Chrome Management); and KACE asset management licenses including three-year maintenance. 

Newly annexed property

The Board of Education assigns school attendance areas to newly annexed or platted city property.  The Board considered newly annexed property called Grandview Estates 1st Addition and proposed these attendance areas: Wysong Elementary School, Pound Middle School (Moore Middle School next school year) and Lincoln Southeast High School.  The Board votes final approval Jan. 24. 


The Board of Education Tuesday approved submission of two grants and considered submission of a third.

The Board voted submission of:

  •  A proposal to United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County to support the Two Generation Family Literacy Program in the amount of approximately $30,000 for a one-year funding cycle. The evidence-based Family Literacy model followed by LPS includes the following four components: Adult Education Instruction—provided through high quality ESL classes; Children's Education—teaching literacy through a viable district curriculum; Parent and Child Together Time; and Parenting Classes.
  •  A five-year, $352,000 State 21st Century Community Learning Center grant that will bring necessary resources and support to establish Campbell Elementary School as a CLC school.  The federally-funded grant application is submitted to the Nebraska Department of Education.  The vote on submission of this grant was 5-1, with Board member Matt Schulte opposed until further review and guidelines for CLCs are completed.

The Board considered submission of:

  •  A five-year, $687,300 State 21st Century Community Learning Center Continuation Grant for the Belmont Elementary, Brownell Elementary, Prescott Elementary and Culler Middle CLC schools. The continuation grant will build on the success these sites have experienced over the past five years.  Final approval happens Jan. 24.

Policy changes proposed 
The Board approved changes in policies related to Community Relations including distribution of community service materials, and use of students for non-school projects.  

Strategic Plan update

The Board of Education Tuesday received an update about the progress and next steps involved with “Voices for the Future,” the school district’s strategic planning process.  

Over the last few months, LPS has reached out to more than 37,500 people – and collected responses from more than 3,800 citizens. The collected data is now being reviewed and analyzed: categorizing responses, recognizing key themes and identifying representative quotations. Then that data will go to a Community Study Team later this month, a team that will develop and create proposed action steps.

Sarah Salem, director of Continuous Improvement and Professional Learning, thanked the Board of Education for approaching this endeavor in a meaningful way that required time and work: “You did not take the easy path and say, ‘There’s the survey, go fill it out.’  You chose going out into the community, speaking to more than 50 different community groups: non-profits, cultural centers, businesses and more…We had so many voices engaged…and it’s so important for our stakeholders to know we value their opinion.”

Oscar Pohirieth, cultural specialist and coordinator for the Bilingual Liaison Program, also thanked the Board “for believing we needed to communicate with every family…As they arrived at our strategic planning sessions, some of our families were surprised, some were impressed, some were afraid…and at the end of the sessions, all the families felt comfortable because we made them feel comfortable.  I thank you all…for this collaborative effort.” 

A reminder: Lincoln Public Schools is seeking to engage citizens throughout the community to help refresh and develop a strategic plan to chart the course for the school district over the next five years. The strategic planning process involves gathering community voices through civic, school and community meetings, as well as through social media and online surveys – encouraging our citizens to dream big, imagine new ideas, help identify creative, innovative goals – necessary to write the story of our future. Our mission is to ensure LPS students experience a world-class education in preparation for college, career and life. 

Staff Celebrations

The Board honored and recognized key Lincoln Public Schools employees who have made valuable contributions to the initial phase of Voices for the Future, the first step in the school district’s strategic planning initiative. Those honored included the facilitators, translators, bilingual liaisons and LPS Education Service Unit research team who were essential in the first phase of presenting to community groups and collecting data.


Amy Carnie

Amy Clark

Rik Devny

Carrie Foster

Jodi Frager

John Gloe

Brittany Hying

Brandi Jantzen

Monica Jochum

Amanda Krivda

Jamie Mapp

Megan McElfresh

Jennie Murphy

Robert Rickert

Sherri Robinson

Sarah Salem

Sue Showers

Erik Witt

Bilingual Liaisons

Khudhur Ali (Kurdish Bilingual Liaison)

Mohammed Alnajem (Arabic Bilingual Liaison)

Antonio Cubas ((Latino Bilingual Liaison)

Erick Ernesto Saavedra Avila (Latino Bilingual Liaison)

Khalaf Hesso (Kurdish Bilingual Liaison)

Tosh Jock (Nuer - Sudanese Bilingual Liaison)

Ellie Kasab (Russian Bilingual Liaison)

Monica Lieske (Latino Bilingual Liaison)

Nhung Nguyen (Vietnamese Bilingual Liaison)

Hugo Orellana (Latino Bilingual Liaison)

Toan Tran (Vietnamese Bilingual Liaison)

Peh Wah Moo (Karen Bilingual Liaison)

Wah Wah Moo (Karen - Burmese Bilingual Liaison)

Daniel Wal (Nuer - Sudanese Bilingual Liaison)

Education Service Unit research team

Bethany Brunsman

Leslie Eastman

Dawn Mazzie

Rob McEntarffer

Teresa Wanser Ernst

Published: January 10, 2017, Updated: January 17, 2017