How do I continue to teach as a librarian

Stephanie Kinnaman, School Librarian, Morley Elementary School

Making the switch from being a classroom teacher for eight years to a teacher in the library was one I was very excited about. I am very passionate about reading and promoting a love of learning. 

I love getting to work with all grade levels from kindergarten to fifth grade. Teaching in the library is different in that I am teaching all grade levels at Morley. 

A typical library lesson includes sharing of good literature, focus on a library skill lesson with practice of that skill, and time for browsing of books and check-out. 

We are learning many different skills that will develop students as 21st Century learners. These include how to locate print resources as well as the many digital resources that LPS has to offer. 

In addition to basic library skills, students are learning how to evaluate the information as they are researching online by looking at the domain name suffix of a website as well as how to conduct a Boolean Search so their searches are effective. 

Students are also able to be creative and share what they have learned through different projects. 

One example of this in action is a green screen states project that third grade is working on both in their classroom and in the library. After completing their research project on their states, students are writing scripts with their classroom teacher. 

Then, they come to the library to create their green screen project. Kindergarten and first grade students listened to the story If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen and then were able to create using the makerspace magnatiles. 

Time in the library is spent learning more about the topics students are interested in both in print and digital formats to extend their learning beyond the classroom. 

Published: December 29, 2016, Updated: December 29, 2016