Not just another practice for Silver Hawks, Roadrunners

Monday practices for teams at any level can be challenging.  However, Monday, December 5 was one practice the Lincoln Southwest High School Varsity Girls Basketball Team has been looking forward to since the start of the season.  As head coach Jeff Rump put it to the players, “Some practices are just more important than others!”

For the third year, Lincoln Southwest players and coaches were part of a basketball clinic experience for Norwood Park Elementary School Community Learning Center (CLC) basketball club members. 

As the Norwood Park scholars entered the gym, they were greeted by a shower of cheers and high fives from Lincoln Southwest players and coaches.  Players and coaches then introduced themselves by doing their pre-game handshake and/or favorite dance move.  Following introductions, camp participants were paired up with players and got to ask questions which included:

“How long have you been playing basketball?”

“What is your favorite color?”

“What is your favorite subject in school?”

Then it was time for basketball fundamentals led by Lincoln Southwest coaches.  Players went through stations focused on triple-threat position, dribbling, shooting, and footwork.

Players also did a uniform relay challenge with teams having to put on an oversized Lincoln Southwest uniform top, short, and size 15 basketball shoes and then score a basket.  The first team of four to complete the task won a prize. 

Camp closed with “Dab” team pictures, high fives, hugs, and selfies with new friends.

“Through basketball, many of our players have been fortunate to have the opportunity to play, travel, and experience things.  In a small way, this it is an opportunity for us to give back,” said Jeff Rump, Head Coach, Lincoln Southwest High School Varsity Girls Basketball Team. 

Senior Lincoln Southwest guard Alex Barada said, “The Norwood Park kids really ended up teaching and rewarding me.”

“The clinic is such a great opportunity for our students it allows for all of the students to bond and build relationships in a short period of time. By the end of the clinic they are all taking pictures together and genuinely look forward to seeing each other in the future,” said Morgan Young, CLC Director, Norwood Park Elementary School.

Published: December 12, 2016, Updated: December 12, 2016