Adults - with student help - learn more about writing code

Writing computer code is not just about learning how to code.

Similarly, it’s easy to get excited about teaching coding during the annual Hour of Code week ( But it’s also an attractive career path all year long. 

Learn more about what students are learning during #hourofcode.

Kent Steen, Computer Science curriculum specialist for Lincoln Public Schools, highlighted the computer science class opportunities at an LPS Learning Lunch. In just the past two years, students at all levels have more opportunities to take computer science classes.

Students from different computer classes with their teachers were hand to showcase their work and even help adults.

The activities range from computer coding games where the user gives commands to accomplish a task, to toy-like objects that respond to a series of steps the user chooses, also called an algorithm. 

Computer programming is a field with great career opportunities in Nebraska; currently there are 2,700-plus open computing jobs in the state, with the average annual job salary for all jobs at about $74,000.

Steen said one of his goals is to have a better balance of participants, both in gender and ethnicity.

“I want to spark that excitement (at elementary schools), and have it lead to middle and high school, and to a university, as well,” Steen said.

Trying your hand coding doesn’t have to be just a one-week venture. And computer programming skills aren’t just a good fit for technology-related jobs, Steen said, but for any position that requires critical thinking.

Published: December 5, 2016, Updated: December 6, 2016