Making connections through interactive media

“This year it won’t be so easy for people to just walk on by.”

That’s what Lincoln Public Schools district media coordinator Chris Haeffner wants any way when MOSAIC goes on display at the district office September 6 - 15, and later as it rotates through area schools over the next two years.

MOSAIC is a collection of multicultural literature selected by a committee to help students make connections with the many different cultures from around the world. This year, MOSAIC is modernizing with more hands-on and interactive displays to help create more connections with the books.

Over 280 titles will be part of the interactive displays which will include things like:

  • QR codes on the books and readers so students can watch video clips related to the stories;
  • Augmented reality viewers with virtual tours loaded on them;
  • Building blocks with specialized pieces from different cultures;
  • Cards with QR codes so students can watch popular music videos from around the world;
  • Or Chinese calligraphy mats and instructions.

“It took a lot of hours for our staff to research the multimedia support for each title and then compiling them all together,” added Haeffner. “Our hope is to get them to stop and look more deeply at the literature, giving them a richer experience and a deeper connection.”

The display will be at the LPS district office located at 5905 O Street in Lincoln and is open and free to the public during regular office hours. Click here to see all of this year’s titles selected for MOSAIC.


Published: September 2, 2016, Updated: September 13, 2016