About those Chromebooks: Feedback from students and staff

New student devices haven’t overhauled education in Lincoln Public Schools, but they have made noticeable differences for teachers and staff. The emphasis remains on curriculum, and as you’ll read in the posts that follow, good teaching is good teaching. The Chromebooks are another tool teachers and students can utilize.
Student and Staff Feedback

Fall 2015: Devices for all sixth graders; high school students at the new Career Academy and High School Focus Programs
Spring 2016: Devices for third, fourth and fifth graders
Fall 2016: Devices for seventh graders and students at two high schools (Southeast and Northeast)
Fall 2017: Tablets in K-2 classrooms
Fall 2017: Devices for eighth-grade students and four remaining high schools (East, Lincoln High, North Star, Southwest)
Fall 2018: Begin a rotation of refreshing devices every three years

Published: October 29, 2015, Updated: June 16, 2017