Pound Middle brings ocean research to classroom from coast of Australia

Seventh graders at Pound Middle School weren't able to board a drilling ship on a scientific ocean research project, but they brought the ocean to them via a live video conference. The JOIDES Resolution, ( is drilling for sediment and rock core samples off the northwest coast of Australia.

On Monday students learned about the drilling designed to find evidence of Earth's climate history 5 million years ago. The JOIDES Resolution, or JR, does scientific research around the world on all of the oceans, collecting, describing, and logging sediment and rock samples.  Students asked questions of a sedimentalogist who is on board along with other scientific fields such as micropaleontologists and chemists. They also saw some microfossils and minerals slides in the core samples that were magnified so they could be seen easier.

Published: September 14, 2015, Updated: September 14, 2015