TCA students gain valuable experience

High school students participating in the first Career Academy health services pathway received hands-on experience in working with needles.

During class time, instructor Amy Holst, along with two EMT volunteers from Kawasaki, worked with students on drawing blood, giving injections and starting IVs.

“This should take a little edge off of being nervous, as far as working with needles,” said Holst. “At least they get introduced to it and learn how to use them, hold them correctly.”

Students of the class see the experience as a way to get a jumpstart on their future.

“I think it's going to help me because I'm learning right now, practicing, so when I get into the real future, I'll know what to do. It’s really exciting,” commented Khadiya Mengelkamp.

Another student Carolyn Hopkins added, “It's made me more confident in things I'm going to be doing in my career in the future. Even though I'm just starting, I know I can do it.”

Holst said thanks to community support, this experience was possible for students. “For Kawasaki to send these EMT's out, there is no way I could watch 25 students with needles and run four different lab stations. It's huge that Kawasaki and the community itself, lends a hand and comes out to help us.”

Published: August 25, 2015, Updated: August 25, 2015