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If you have children in elementary and middle level schools, please watch for your monthly issue of "Community News" and "FreeTimes."  It includes information about Lincoln Public Schools and activities sponsored by Lincoln organizations.

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Summer is winding down and we are getting ready for students.  The first day of classes for grades K-9 is August 12, the first day for grades 10-12 is August 13.

Here are some key reminders for families as they prepare for the start of the 2015-16 school year:

Elementary School Supplies
Pencils, erasers, crayons, glue, scissors, etc...traditionally, one of the rituals families participate in as they prepare for the new school year is to purchase school supplies.

In accordance with the Nebraska Constitution and state and federal law, Lincoln Public Schools provides a free, public education to all students. This generally means the district provides the supplies needed for instruction at no cost to students. For this reason, please do not send school supplies for your child’s individual use at school.

If you enjoy shopping for school supplies, and would like to make a donation to your child’s classroom, this list provides suggestions. Items donated will be shared with all students at each grade level. Thank you!

Immunizations/physical requirements
Parents need to provide a student immunization record in order to enroll in school. The requirements and approved waiver form are listed on the Health Services website, which has lots of other health-related information.  Still have a question? Call our Health Services team at 402-436-1000.

Free/Reduced Lunch Applications / Lunch Money / Menus
Lunch prices will stay the same this year, however, there are some changes. Free and reduced applications are not renewable, so you must fill it out again. Start here - http://www.lps.org/post/index.cfm?collection=29. You can find a lot of information about menus, paying online, and nutrition information for meals. Also, you can get daily meal announcements on Twitter at @LPSMenus and Facebook.

Parent StudentVue
Students and parents / guardians can get secure access to grades, assignments, and attendance information through Synergy ParentVUE and StudentVUE. ParentVUE is not intended to replace direct communication between students/parents/teachers or other school staff members.

Information available via ParentVUE includes:

  • Communications from teachers
  • Attendance
  • Progress Grades
  • Assignment Calendars
  • Student Schedules
  • Course History

You can learn a lot more here - http://home.lps.org/training/parentvue-lps-parent-portal-for-student-information/ - but you can get this information via web or mobile apps. An activation key is required to login to Synergy ParentVUE and StudentVUE.  Call the school to get your activation key.

Volunteer sign-up
Once a week, once a month, once a quarter, once a year — no matter how much time you can give, you have the power to make a difference in the life of a student and school by serving as a volunteer. Volunteer roles might include …

  • Helping in the front office with a mailing
  • Shredding paper
  • Stapling forms
  • Counting flyers for teacher homerooms
  • Shelving books in the media center
  • Decorating in the classroom
  • Examples
  • Room parent
  • Classroom readers
  • Field trips assistants
  • Chaperones for school events where students are supervised by an LPS employee (school dances, celebrations, homeroom parties)
  • Chaperoning an overnight band trip
  • Sponsoring an after school club
  • Driving for school or club events
  • School Activity outside of the school building that driving or an overnight stay is involved

For the safety of our students and volunteers, we ask all our volunteers to fill out an application. Application to Volunteer

Posted on July 31, 2015

FBLA National award winners announced

More than 300 Nebraska students and advisers recently attended the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Leadership Conference in Chicago.

Nebraska FBLA members competed June 29-July 2 in 70 competitive events. More than 11,000 FBLA members from 46 states, as well as U.S. territories and international chapters attended the conference.

Nebraska members brought home 22 Top Ten awards, and Lincoln Public Schools had three award national winners.

The Top Ten award winners are: third place, Banking and Financial Systems — Eric Le and Jacob Shiers, Lincoln Southwest High School; ninth place, Management Decision Making — Alicia Zeng and Ojus Jain, Lincoln East High School.

Mason Frey of Lincoln Southwest High School was awarded the achievement level of the National Community Service Awards.

Posted on July 28, 2015

Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra Announces 2015-16 Young Artist Competition

Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra invites young musicians to enter LSO’s 2015-16 Young Artist Competition. Funded in part by the J. Edmunds & Thelma D. Miller Fund at the Lincoln Community Foundation, the competition allows an accomplished young musician to perform with Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra as a featured soloist.

To be eligible, musicians must be 20 years old or younger on the day of the audition, must play an instrument, participate in an audition and submit an application with a letter of recommendation. The winner will have the opportunity to perform as a soloist with the orchestra at LSO’s Young People’s Concerts at the Lied Center and a family concert at Wesleyan’s O’Donnell Auditorium. The winner also receives the title of LSO Young Artist Winner for the 2015-16 season, a private rehearsal and coaching with LSO Resident Conductor, Dr. Tyler White, a $500 cash prize and media exposure.

"The Young Artist Competition is such a great opportunity for local music students to audition to solo with a professional orchestra,” said Barbara Zach, executive director of LSO. “In addition to the winner having the unique experience of rehearsing and performing with Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, they also get the chance to become a role model for more than 4,000 4th and 5th grade students at our Young People's Concerts."

The audition panel includes LSO Music Director Edward Polochick, Dr. White and two representatives from Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra. Recent Young Artist Competition winners include Lukas McIlhaney, flute, from Wahoo High School; Jennifer Ahn, violin, from Westside High School; and Nicholas May, saxophone, from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Applications are available online at lincolnsymphony.org/about/employment-volunteer or by contacting the LSO office at (402) 476-2211. The application deadline is Wednesday, November 11, 2015. Auditions will be held Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

Founded in 1927, Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra has a mission to enrich, educate and entertain current and potential audiences through the performance and advancement of symphonic music. For more information about Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, visit lincolnsymphony.org or call (402) 476-2211.

Posted on July 22, 2015

Teachers become students with CLASS

“The kids will not have an issue with this.”

Perhaps that’s part of the reason more than 325 Lincoln Public Schools secondary educators became students themselves during a special training day this summer - as LPS prepares to enter the first phase of a new three-year Instructional Technology initiative in 2015-16.

Library media services coordinator Chris Haeffner further explained.

“Students can turn their work in digitally, you can respond to it digitally, and return it to them digitally, without having to print. It will require a change in the way we do stuff, and a change in the way we think about it.”

The Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students and Staff (CLASS) Bootcamp focused on implementing the student Chromebooks in the classroom by demonstrating best practices and tools available.

CLASS is perhaps better known as the initiative that will place a Chromebook computer with each student in third- through twelfth-grade over the next three years. Chromebook 11 from Dell will be distributed to students entering sixth grade and the focus programs (Arts & Humanities, Zoo School), the International Baccalaureate program at Lincoln High School, and The Career Academy this fall.

Topics during the bootcamp included Google Drive basics, intro to Chrome and Chromebooks for the classroom, Google Classroom, using Synergy’s new tools to communicate, and Hapara for digital classroom management.

Hapara, for example, is a suite of tools that helps teachers facilitate digital work done by students in LPS Google Drive, as well as allowing them to interact with and manage Chromebooks in their classroom.

When choosing between Google Classroom and Hapara, computing services application specialist Chris Pultz encouraged the group to find what fits them best.

“You have access to both of these tools. You can choose the one that fits with what you are trying to do, that feels most comfortable for you,” Pultz said. “Or, you might find you don’t have to choose. You may find you can use both of these tools, ebb and flow.”

By the end of the four sessions, staff were excitedly talking with their peers and team members about ways to implement the Chromebooks into their current teaching and curriculum.

“All of my students already use some kind of technology in the district, and I think the Chromebooks are going to be a nice addition to what they already use,” said Patricia Daberkow, a team leader in the LPS special education department.  “Some of my students have really struggled with writing for years and never really turned in complete projects or really struggle with completing any of their assignments. I think the Chromebook will offer lots of different opportunities, and their software, apps and extensions will support them so that they are able to complete their projects.”

Scott Middle School sixth-grade teacher Suzie Olberding added, “We are looking at all curricular areas. So let’s say we want our math students to research a famous mathematician, or our science students, or even going into social studies, the different elements of research we can bring into the classroom using the web through Hapara and through google classroom amazes me.”

Kim Ridder, also a sixth-grade teacher at Scott Middle School, was enthusiastic about the possibilities of being the first to introduce Chromebooks into the classroom, “This is just making everything better. It's not going to replace anything. It's going to make everything better for our students.”

The teachers agree that with these new tools, they will be able to use current classroom management techniques to increase student engagement.

“We have wonderful management techniques already instilled in the classroom,” said Rochelle Senkbeil, Lux Middle School sixth-grade teacher. “We are talking as a team to get some things in place too, so that if we have signals for the students, they are able to follow them and respect that when we are not using the devices, that they be where they are suppose to be - on task in the classroom.”

Lori Nakagawa from Lincoln Southwest High School added, “The idea that you can do selective or focus browsing I think is really positive. Just some of the features that make it easier for teachers to see what students have done, what they are working on, in real time I think is just important.”

Nakagawa continued on saying, “I also like that as far as the classroom management, in Google Classroom you can give the assignments and just have the papers there for ready access. So if they lose the paper it's there; and program, the name, and the title of the assignment. There's just a lot of things that it helps to make it easier for the teacher and the student and I think students will really respond to that.”

When asked about whether or not students will be ready to embrace the Chromebooks, Scott Middle School sixth-grade teach Mark Danley summed up staff perceptions best, “They're ready for it. I think there are a few kids that'll need to get caught up, but for the most part, it's the world they're in that we are trying to get caught up to. We're looking forward to it.”


Posted on July 22, 2015

White House recognizes LPS

In June 2014, the President launched the Nation of Makers initiative — a mindset that promotes dispositions and skills such as curiosity, collaborative problem-solving, and self-efficacy, with educators inspiring the next generation to invent, tinker, and learn vital skills in STEM education. One year later, the White House recognized Lincoln Public Schools during National Week of Making for creating maker kits that can travel between libraries within the district.

Last year, LPS media services started with approximately a dozen kits for schools to check out.  “Many of the librarians discovered what an exciting component this is,” commented library media services director Mary Reiman. “They are now taking it a step further and enhancing their school’s programs by creating their own unique makerspaces and kits, which is what we envisioned for the program.”

These kits can included simple items like ribbon, paper, crayons, glue, craft scissors, and paints; or more sophisticated items like robots, origami, Legos, die cutting machines, and erector sets.

This year, the district will also expand their kits by adding stop animation cameras and kits, 3D doodlers, magna-tiles and simple machines. “Makerspace is how to take the concept of what looks like play, but what really it is giving students an opportunity to be creative and use critical thinking skills while supporting all curriculum areas,” said Reiman.

Library media services coordinator Chris Haeffner adds, “In order to build a community of problem solvers, students need an environment where they can try without being afraid to fail. We all learn better from experience, and it helps build resilience when students can fail safely. That’s what makerspace is all about.”

In a release from the press secretary, the White House reiterates “America has always been a nation of tinkerers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. In recent years, the rise of the Maker Movement and growing community of self-identified ‘Makers’ is a huge opportunity for the United States...More than 100 school leaders of the K-12 districts and schools, representing more than 3 million students, are committing to an all-hands-on-deck effort to broaden participation in making, tinkering, and inventing.”

Posted on July 21, 2015

UNL College of Architecture Open House for high school students

High school students will have the opportunity to learn about College of Architecture academic programs, lunch with faculty and students, tour the College facilities, and participate in a design activity. To register for the Open House, visit admissions.unl.edu/CoA-Open-House. Check out the College of Architecture website architecture.unl.edu. Please register by September 28, 2015 to secure a seat.

Students who cannot attend the Open House are encouraged to contact us for a campus visit! Please contact Leslie Gonzalez, Admissions Coordinator leslie.gonzalez@unl.edu or call 402-472-9233.

Posted on July 21, 2015

Lottery is opportunity for kids

Eager students and their families took a break from summer activities to receive their string instrument at the Lincoln Public School District Office on Friday, July 17. Over 120 instruments lined the board room walls and tables as first-year string students, chosen through a lottery system that's been in place for approximately 17 years, picked up their rentals.

"We have a very limited number of instruments, and so that is one of the reasons why we do this lottery," said Lance Nielsen, district music supervisor.

In June, students enrolled in string music classes for the first time at LPS were mailed information about how to enter their names into a drawing for an opportunity to rent a stringed instrument from the district for one year for a one-time fee of $50. There are violins, violas, cellos and upright bass instruments for students to rent through the lottery system.

When the students pick up their instruments, school music instructors give each student important instructions about their new instrument.

"I can't open it until SAIL camp, because I will develop bad habits," said Ethan, a fifth grader at Humann Elementary, repeating the instructions. "I'm not to leave it in a hot car, not let my sisters get it, and to put it on the floor."

"It is a great opportunity to get our kids started," added Nielsen. "If students are not getting an instrument through LPS or the lottery, then they can get an instrument through a lot of our wonderful music dealers in Lincoln."

Posted on July 20, 2015

Lux Middle School students excel in national quiz bowl

Under the leadership of eighth grade team captain Suzie Cho, a team of five students representing Lux Middle School made an impressive showing at the 2015 National Academic Championships for Middle School/Junior High Quiz Bowl teams. Held in the city of New Orleans, the questions focused on history, geography, math, science, grammar, literature, poetry, music and the arts.

The Junior National Championships allows ninth graders as team members so this team benefited from Lux alum Luke Bigelow & Dallas Lim who attended East High School last year. Lux eighth grader Darrix Lim and seventh grader Erin Bigelow completed the team line-up.

“The team had a shaky start in the first qualifying round robin match because they had not competed together in a quiz bowl competition since June of 2014 when they qualified for this important tournament,” commented their coach, Linda Bettis. “Then they followed my directive to loosen up and have fun and everything will be okay!”

With every match that they played, the team’s confidence grew. They finished the qualifying rounds with a record of five wins and one loss — good enough to join 12 other teams from across the nation in the tournament play offs.

The Lux team won their first three matches Monday morning. Their fourth and final match was against the sister team of their previous victory. Like the championships in 2014, a Lux team is now pre-qualified for the 2016 National Championships.  

Bettis added, “Next year’s team will not have the expertise of Luke and Dallas, however, the captain has resolved that she will re-form a team that will be ultra-competitive to take back to next year’s event.”

Posted on June 18, 2015

LNS student wins 3 state championships in Microsoft Office competition

Lincoln North Star High School student, Brooke Lampe, placed first in three of the six events of the Certiport and Nebraska Department of Education's Microsoft Office Specialist competition held this spring. She won $250 for each 1st place honor, along with a Microsoft Surface, and free airfare for her and a chaperon to fly to Orlando for national competition. Since Lampe can only compete in one event at nationals, she will represent Nebraska in Word 2013 during the National Championships this week.

Lampe worked on her Microsoft Office Specialist certification through independent study at Lincoln North Star High School. "Besides the competition, Brooke also earned Microsoft Specialist certifications in Access and also took the MS Word Expert 1 & 2 and the MS Excel Expert 1 & 2, which wouldn't even be covered in our Advanced Information Technology class," commented Shannon Quible, instructor at LNS. "She's just a highly motivated and driven student, and this program let us differentiate the curriculum to meet her needs."

Thousands of Nebraska students age 13 to 22 were eligible to participate in one of six competition tracks by submitting a qualified, passing score on any of the following exams by May 20, 2015: Microsoft Office Specialist Word (2013 or 2010), Microsoft Office Specialist Excel (2013 or 2010), and Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint (2013 or 2010).

Invitations to the MOS U.S. National Championship were extended to the top champion in each exam track. During the 2015 MOS U.S. National Championship event, student competitors will take a unique competition exam in their track, further testing their knowledge of the applications. One winner per track will be named the 2015 MOS U.S. National Champion, and each will win an all-expenses-paid trip to compete in the 2015 MOS World Championship in Dallas, Texas August 9-12, 2015.


Posted on June 16, 2015

LPS Students to benefit from Lincoln City Library internet upgrades

Lincoln Public Schools connection to NetworkNebraska just recieved a boost that will allow more students to access educational resources outside of school hours. Mayor Chris Beutler announced a partnership between Lincoln City Libraries (LCL) and NebraskaLink to greatly improve LCL’s broadband capabilities. This will allow LCL to access Internet through NetworkNebraska, an educational Internet provider also used by LPS.

Mayor Beutler said,  “We are especially excited about how this will benefit Lincoln Public Schools as the District moves forward with providing tablets and other technology for students.  The fiber connections will provide better wireless Internet for students outside of school.  This partnership will help prepare our students for the workforce of tomorrow.   I want to thank NebraskaLink, our excellent library system and the PSC for making this project possible.”

Library Director Pat Leach said students' tablets will connect automatically to the LPS network when they enter an LCL location.   “For low-income families with school-age children who do not have a broadband connection at home, the access provided by the Lincoln Library Network may be the only source of broadband Internet access available to the student,” Leach said. 

“The Libraries’ plan to increase access to global information is critical for our students, who will use this infrastructure to support their learning that, increasingly, requires access to digital content,” said Kirk Langer, Chief Technology Officer for LPS.  “This timely community partnership means LPS students can use the safe learning environment of the Lincoln City Libraries outside the school day.  They will now have the type of network access necessary to support the devices LPS provides for students from third through twelfth grade.”

Posted on June 11, 2015

Students use video to learn about each other

The deaf and hard of hearing students from Prescott Elementary will be attending Beattie Elementary next fall. We used video to introduce the students to their new classmates, and in return Beattie showed them around.  See the videos and the students' reactions.


Posted on June 10, 2015

Lincoln North Star High School student Cornhusker Girls' State Governor

Kamryn Sannicks of Lincoln North Star High School was elected to governor by her peers at the 2015 Cornhusker Girls' State. Sannicks was the Federalist party candidate from the town of Filmore, and her slogan was "Yes we kam!".

In Sannicks' campaign video, she stated that she would put an emphasis for education for the whole state and work on environmental regulations that would essentially make fracking in the state of Nebraska illegal.

Sannicks participates in the Congressional debate team at LNS.

Posted on June 08, 2015

Multicultural students honored

The Lincoln Public Schools Multicultural Education Department, in partnership with several community organizations, honored graduating seniors and other district students achieving academic success. For a complete list of students honored, please click on the corresponding link below:

African American Students Honored

Asian Students Honored

Hispanic Students Honored

Native American Students Honored

Posted on June 08, 2015

African American students honored

The Lincoln Public Schools Multicultural Education Department, in partnership with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Southeast Community College, honored African American graduating seniors and all high school students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Below is a list of students honored at the end of the school year:
(* denotes students with at at least a 3.5 GPA, ** denotes students with at least a 3.8 GPA)

Bryan Community Focus Program
Kenysha Moody - 12

East High School
Chase Adams* - 9
Peyton Aipperspach - 9
Daniel Brown - 9
Chynna Burgess** - 9
Zachry Callins - 9
Tathloch Dak** - 9
Amaris Davis* - 9
Laura Francisco** - 9
Mattheows Ginting** - 9
Hudson Hill - 9
Darling Ngoh - 9
Jamison Sapp* - 9
Hannah Seizys** - 9
Lauryn Amos* - 10
Danielle Callins** - 10
Ashley Francisco** - 10
Faith Hutcherson** - 10
Taryn Kalkowski* - 10
Cavin Randall - 10
Janessa Thompson-Pollard - 10
Novelyn Watson* - 10
Alyia Whitehall* - 10
Micah Wilson** - 10
Jasmine Dennis - 11
Da'juan Fisher - 11
Chyna Grant* - 11
Alexandra Jensen** - 11
Katherine Josiah* - 11
Maven Losey** - 11
Alexis Mayse** - 11
Angel Mitike** - 11
Trevon Myles - 11
Kasiya Owen - 11
Haleigh Seizys** - 11
Jacob Stock - 11
Samantha Washington - 11
Perria Whittington - 11
Erika Abele - 12
Qua'yanna Anderson - 12
Fairoz Awad - 12
Jaidrian Cadwell - 12
Coreyonta Curtis - 12
Emma Ebito* - 12
Justice Johnson - 12
Daniel Kennedy - 12
Marisa Landwehr - 12
Shantiera Miller - 12
Karasira Ndam - 12
Duoth Puok - 12
Lee-Ann Sims* - 12
Simone Smith* - 12
D'Angelo Young-Baker - 12

Lincoln High School
Maria Avila* - 9
Simon Benn* - 9
Salman Djingueinabaye* - 9
Jennah Duncan - 9
Betiel Habtemariam* - 9
Maleah Haynes - 9
Amara Hopkins-Colliers - 9
Simon Joseph* - 9
Dauntavis Lawrence - 9
Jacein Mayfield - 9
Isaiah McGrone - 9
Joshua Mfinanga* - 9
Jihad Muhammad* - 9
La'rae Pickens-Bonebright* - 9
Maia Ramsay** - 9
Ghareeba Saleem** - 9
Alexus Sheridan - 9
Avian Tate** - 9
Claudia Taylor - 9
Lidia Wani - 9
Devin Andersen - 10
Raelynn Burkinshaw** - 10
Isaiah Collier - 10
Khea Demery** - 10
Jamil Funnah* - 10
Milkias Gebremariam** - 10
Danait Habtemariam* - 10
Cesen Hailesellassie* - 10
Joseph Harmes Afuh* - 10
Dream Heidemann - 10
Darius Humphrey* - 10
Naomi Ingram - 10
Nyalit Lual - 10
Javonte' Martin* - 10
Kristopher Moreira-Immenschuh - 10
Jada Nungesser** - 10
Marcus Richardson - 10
Korpo Sawo - 10
Betselot Tadesse** - 10
Taron Tucker - 10
Tamya Zimmerman - 10
Desiree Britton - 11
Jaydn Burton** - 11
Lacretia Contreras - 11
Wesley Dawkins - 11
Anthony Evans - 11
James Hunt - 11
Quinesa Jones - 11
Paul Muragizi - 11
Pascale Ndamo Mboulou* - 11
Tedum Npimnee - 11
James Rehwaldt Alexander** - 11
Christian Scott - 11
Autumn Traylor - 11
Lela Waldman-Shanks - 11
Daniel Witte** - 11
Jama Ahmose* - 12
Venus Allen - 12
Antonia Anderson - 12
Taya Arkfeld - 12
Kaylina Barnes - 12
Cohren Barth - 12
Tehya Birch - 12
Timothy Brock - 12
Charlie Bush - 12
Isaiah Bush - 12
Demond Calhoun - 12
Cartavious Cannon - 12
Marcelles Cherry* - 12
La'Renzo Clemons - 12
Juanita Cobb - 12
Shakori Colen - 12
Raven Collier* - 12
D'Angelo Cotton - 12
Jamie Davis - 12
Sabrah Davis - 12
Dominique Epps - 12
Jerrin Ewings - 12
Davina Falcon - 12
Kevin Gallardo-Franklin - 12
Isiaih Graves - 12
Travious Greggs - 12
Donella Handy - 12
Lenzell Harris - 12
Hamisha Howard - 12
Jay Hudgins - 12
Jaida Jackson* - 12
Jaden Jilg-Brown - 12
Ciera Johns - 12
Kylee Johnson - 12
Tykele Jones - 12
Christina Joseph - 12
Nyasebit Kuol - 12
Muminfidadya Kuwa - 12
Henry Kyles* - 12
Tiauna Lewis* - 12
Adrianna Lott - 12
Elisia Medina-Jordan - 12
Shaequan Mitchell - 12
Maluba Mudundulu* - 12
Rawson Ngoh** - 12
Isaac Okeng - 12
Walker Okeng - 12
Justyn Payne - 12
Delano Cuttese Proctor - 12
Emily Reed - 12
Markeil Reis - 12
De Anthony Rothwell - 12
Abraham Sakilla - 12
Pacience Scott - 12
Bethelem Thok - 12
Justice Topil-Pinto - 12
Jason Towery - 12
Meosha Wallace - 12
Kierra Ward - 12
Isiah Washington - 12
Dasia Watson - 12
Raven Whirl - 12
Tethloch Wie - 12
D'Quandra Williams - 12
Raven Williams - 12
Shania Williams - 12
Keshawn Wilson - 12
Taylor Ybarra-Ratumaimuri - 12
Emmanuel Zayzay - 12

North Star High School
Eze Asuoha* - 9
Jaylen Barrett** - 9
Nakia Braaten - 9
Mirra Brooks - 9
Trinity Cox** - 9
Hana Daldoum - 9
Abdelrahman Elhaj - 9
Heba Engles* - 9
Abola David Garang* - 9
Alexander Goll* - 9
Domonique Harris - 9
Bryannah Hutchinson* - 9
Sicily Hutchinson* - 9
Madison Jennings - 9
Dorcas Mandungu** - 9
Kwayera Mensah* - 9
Acacia Miller - 9
Dasha Plair - 9
Jamal Reynolds - 9
Nathaniel Ulmer-Schmit** - 9
Zachary Underwood - 9
Tasneem Ali* - 10
Yaa Baeta** - 10
Caleb Brown - 10
Kaedyn Campbell* - 10
Goanar Chot - 10
Koat Chot - 10
Trystyn Cox** - 10
Nyaluak Dar** - 10
Elijah Hopkins* - 10
Imonie Jones - 10
Diana Lado Andrea** - 10
Ruth Njuguna** - 10
Javien Perez - 10
Marquez Reynolds** - 10
Jennifer Yuma - 10
Sarah Allick** - 11
Tempest Bragg - 11
Kefani Broussard - 11
Katasia Cahn - 11
Michaela Foster** - 11
Bemnet Habtu* - 11
Quar-Nesha Hite** - 11
Nyathase Koang - 11
Dina Lado Andrea** - 11
Taylor Levos-Smith - 11
Jazzmyn Pekarek-Agbo - 11
Kamryn Sannicks** - 11
Triston Simpson - 11
Lusamba Tshibengabo** - 11
Dayonna Tucker** - 11
Akol Akot - 12
Angelique Archie - 12
Christie Asuoha* - 12
Luka Bel - 12
Justice Brown - 12
Savannah Brown - 12
Johnny Calloway** - 12
Tereic Carlisle - 12
Garett Carter - 12
Deshawn Cavitt - 12
Lamario Clark - 12
Mujtaba Ebrahim - 12
Dina Garafan - 12
Kayla Gaskins - 12
Samson Goitom** - 12
Dante' Golden - 12
Dayton Golden - 12
Kierra Gronenthal - 12
Narica Herrington - 12
Tonicia Horton - 12
Deja Howard - 12
Jasmine Howard - 12
Tyler Johnson - 12
Zacchaeus Jones - 12
Joshua Lawson - 12
Jacinda Liddell - 12
Nyagoa Mading - 12
Daprese Madlock** - 12
Andrew Martinez** - 12
Kafele Mensah - 12
Jacson Mikaya - 12
Isaiah Minter - 12
Mawada Mohammed - 12
Kiera Moore - 12
Tre'quan Netherland - 12
Ruben Ngoyi - 12
Mandella Nikang - 12
Manzel Nimox - 12
Keilaughn Overstreet - 12
Robpartra Patterson - 12
Branden Pearson - 12
Raye Reynolds - 12
K'Tarra Saddler - 12
Taylor Schmieding - 12
Markaus Schnepp-Copeland - 12
Hayley Seacrest - 12
Laura Smith - 12
Laquarain Spencer - 12
Jada Stearns** - 12
Donald Teburso - 12
Michelle Tomlin - 12
Dionna Tucker - 12
Keandre Turner - 12
Kelley Weston - 12
Jayda Whirl - 12
Amari Williams - 12
Trey Williams - 12
Trey Yelling - 12
Awa Youm** - 12

Northeast High School
Tasneem Abdelfatah** - 9
Akeem Anderson Enriquez - 9
Destiny Brown* - 9
Diamond Bush - 9
Jason Dennis - 9
Valentina Fowler** - 9
Americle Fuqua - 9
Batool Ibrahim - 9
Melissa Kimbulu* - 9
Tiannah Moore - 9
Eleeza Parker - 9
Bailey Salisbury - 9
Anthony Simms - 9
Saron Tekeste** - 9
Payton Thompson - 9
Ahmed Ahmed* - 10
Cherene Al-Hamidawi** - 10
Destiny Allen - 10
TyReesh Boedhram** - 10
Carlos Knowles - 10
Tyrone Kometscher - 10
Moise Lutumba* - 10
Madison McCoy** - 10
Khadiya Mengelkamp* - 10
Noah Storer* - 10
Larry White - 10
Shae Alexander - 11
Yonathan Alibe* - 11
Buddy Belford - 11
Sierra Center** - 11
Alonga Chol - 11
Erica Craig - 11
Promise Iromuanya - 11
Breana Johnston - 11
Tenaj Jones - 11
Maryah Norton - 11
Mohamed Soumit - 11
Joanna Stallworth* - 11
Kayla VanNess** - 11
Jasmine Wairimu - 11
Tabor Watts - 11
Geigh Zollicoffer* - 11
Lexis Beebee - 12
Nyapon Bol - 12
TaNekia Bradford Washington - 12
Darius Brown - 12
Malik Carter - 12
Davarrius Coleman - 12
Derrick Curtis - 12
Trenton Deboer - 12
Tantashea Giger - 12
Rahma Gotiya - 12
Xavier Haggan - 12
Tycie Hicken - 12
Saleem Holden - 12
Khalil Hunter - 12
Yousif Ibrahim - 12
Tierra Johnson** - 12
Khan Kailech - 12
Elijah Kouma - 12
Jacob Larson - 12
Nikki Lawrence* - 12
Tracy Lee - 12
Liem Liem - 12
Da'ne'j'a Menyweather - 12
Robert Millard - 12
Abdul Raheem Muhammed - 12
Tyree Murrell - 12
Trenton Norton - 12
Elizabeth Otto* - 12
Skyler Perkins - 12
Kreonna Reed* - 12
Mena Robertson - 12
Kerry Rush - 12
Sarah Shelton - 12
Mikayla Shepard* - 12
Taysha Slade - 12
Rachel Stallworth* - 12
Yonatan Tekeste* - 12
Briana Walker - 12
Radious Walker-Woods** - 12
Kejana Wallace - 12
Dante Walton - 12
Shaneequah Watkins - 12
Kinesha Wilson - 12
Mary Wur - 12

Southeast High School
Anthony Bailous* - 9
Devlyn Bryan-Martin - 9
Traeton Davis - 9
Isira Dirar** - 9
Kennedy Flowers* - 9
Charles Fobie - 9
Isaiah Hamlette* - 9
Tiana Hudson - 9
Emalyn Kruse** - 9
Aaliyah McClendon - 9
Tyana McDowell** - 9
David Murphy* - 9
Kayden Pringle - 9
Well Puok* - 9
Mackenzie Reed** - 9
Briannan Rodgers - 9
Caitlyn Sims - 9
Maya Thomas - 9
Sontarian Walker* - 9
Lauryn Williams** - 9
Kashayla Baucke - 10
Alondra Brooks - 10
Bronwyn Brown** - 10
Mya Erdkamp - 10
Jordan Gibbons - 10
Christopher Hansel - 10
Nicholas Hardman Pickens - 10
Matthias Lindburg - 10
Corina Marsh* - 10
Patrick Miley** - 10
Jasmyn Nash - 10
Arrion Smith - 10
Aydan Stanton - 10
Sontrea' Walker - 10
Asya White* - 10
Jocelyn Anderson - 11
Jennaca Brown - 11
Abrar Dirar** - 11
Bobbi Fulton - 11
Khily Gandara - 11
Asante' Hairl-Mclaughlin* - 11
Ahmaad Miley - 11
Nerissa Moravec** - 11
Samuel Morris - 11
Jace Anderson** - 12
Cheyanne Beckner - 12
Kade Bowling - 12
Mayte Brown - 12
Olivier Brutus - 12
Kale Bryan-Martin - 12
Amarri Buckner - 12
Isaiah Buckner - 12
Jazmyn Coleman - 12
Tyler Cox - 12
Alexis Deets - 12
Lelani Delaney - 12
Sara Derkeng - 12
Tyra Douglas - 12
Kennyth English - 12
Trey Gearhart-Gorton - 12
Darius Geiser - 12
Darion Girmus - 12
Whitney Gray - 12
Hailey Greene - 12
Tarik Guest - 12
Anthony Halliburton - 12
Anna Haverman - 12
Zikea Hill - 12
Erykah Houser** - 12
Ceare Howland - 12
Melissa Kioko** - 12
Sharaia Krogh - 12
Jaden Krolikowski - 12
Braden Lehn - 12
Alexis Madlock - 12
Ashawn McEwan - 12
Jason McEwen - 12
Tayvon Miller-Williams - 12
Briley Moore - 12
Corina Moss - 12
Charles Phillips - 12
Gianni Phillips* - 12
Ethan Price* - 12
Tate Pringle - 12
Gabrielle Rodgers - 12
Zachary Scheich - 12
Keenan Serrano - 12
Brandi Shannon-King - 12
Conner Sims - 12
Tylon Sobotka - 12
Saron Tessema* - 12
Brandon Vick - 12
Blake Walker - 12

Southwest High School
Keith Adu-Adjei - 9
Keenon Davis - 9
Isaac Edwards - 9
Masen Louviere* - 9
Nyapouch Makuach* - 9
Kiara Oswald - 9
Ryan Parde** - 9
Tariq Richter - 9
Brayden Roberts* - 9
James Russell* - 9
Tinsae Tessema - 9
Kam Veney** - 9
Iyana Allen - 10
Haili Bullock - 10
Aden Davis** - 10
Tahani Gondolfi - 10
Kathryn Hastings** - 10
Keshta Manakdan* - 10
Eryn McConnell - 10
Aiah Nour - 10
Plar Phillippi - 10
Simone Stohlmann-Hekl** - 10
Naman Williams - 10
Christopher Ziboh* - 10
Chauncy Bentley - 11
Nyalat Buom - 11
Scott Jones - 11
Jeremy Knowles - 11
Nia O'Bryant** - 11
Jeffrey Owusu-Ansah - 11
Bhan Tiap* - 11
Tristen Williams** - 11
Deondray Allen - 12
Arcane Boles - 12
Awood Chol** - 12
Duane Green** - 12
Dante Hall - 12
Kendoll Hammerschmidt - 12
Janae Hansel - 12
Savannah Jennings* - 12
Paris Lord - 12
Jasmine Miller - 12
Danielle Mukusha* - 12
Elaine Mukusha - 12
Ahmed Nour - 12
Daniel Oestmann* - 12
Cameron Owens - 12
Jazlyn Palmer - 12
Riong Riong - 12
Nathaniel Russell - 12
Mikayla Schalch - 12
Anthony Threats - 12
Dylan Wilkinson - 12
Isaiah Williams-Samuels - 12
Nyamal Wiyual - 12

Yankee Hill Program
Malik Ezell-Doyle - 12


Posted on June 08, 2015

Asian students honored

The Lincoln Public Schools Multicultural Education Department, in partnership with Asian Community and Cultural Center, honored all LPS Asian American graduating seniors.

Below is a list of students honored at the end of the school year:
(* denotes students with at at least a 3.5 GPA, ** denotes students with at least a 4.0 GPA)

East High School
Sitti Azizah**
Myan Bhoopalam**
Ameer Chughtai*
Zaran Claes*
Alexander Deng**
Anthony Domico**
Andrea Fiala**
Sunwoo Ha**
Michael Jha*
Alyssa Johnson**
Isha Khanna**
Rena Kwankin
Tashi Lhamo*
Daniel Masada**
Hailey Moy**
William Ozaki
Lan Portnoy*
Micaila Post
Shuowei Qin**
Gabriel Riethoven*
Makenna Sheldon
Maria Jonah Viola*
Ingrid Zhang**

Lincoln High School
Chris Belt
Anie Bista
Dung Chau
Rambo De
Linh Do
Manh Dinh Doan
Bayan Hesso
Trang Hoang**
Elsa Hosang*
Ku Htoo
Kyaw Say Htoo
Gin Khai
Wah Kpaw
Bryan Lam
Peter Le
Thien Le
Trang Le*
Nang Mang
Melia Markham*
Bu Meh
Phre Meh
Eh Nay Moo
Paw Moo
Anh Thuy Nguyen
Connie Nguyen**
Loc Nguyen
Ngoc Huong Nguyen
Quan Nguyen
Thao Nguyen
Avinash Nooka*
Yeh Mi Pai
Suan Pau
Hser Paw
Wah Paw
Shannon Pham**
Vincent Phan*
Thien Phan Truong
Wah Poe
Lu Reh
Su Reh
Jesus Ruiz Izaguirre*
Paw Say*
Brandon Southworth
Kevin Tran*
Paw Wah*
Ziyun Wang**
Carissa Wei**
Connor Zoz
Margaret Zoz**

North Star High School
Skye Adair*
Stephen Bui**
Anna Cao
Jasmin Chun**
Tri Tam Khuu Nguyen*
Christine Le
Diana Le
Kenny Le
Nhu Quynh Le
Ba Nguyen
David Nguyen**
Huyen Nguyen*
Kim Nguyen**
Michael Nguyen
Suong Nguyen*
Tai Nguyen*
Tai Nguyen
Tan Dat Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen
Huy Ong
Andrew Pham**
Khu Say*
Stacy Storm**
Alan Tang
Duyen Tran
Minh-Hao Tran
Uyen Tran*
Justin Truong*
Diane Vu
Ying Ying Zhong
Peter Duong
Jennifer Faith*
Tycie Hicken
Jerome Manlimos
Tyrel Meers*
Phuong Ngo
David Nguyen
Dominic Nguyen
Lillian Nguyen*
Loc Minh Nguyen**
Theresa Nguyen*
Nam Pham
Andre Pinho
Brandon Salisbury
Taysha Slade
Jomari Smallfoot
An Tran**
Nhu Tran**

Southeast High School
Jade Ariola
Peter Barnes*
Gavin Boutdy
Karishma Budhram
Yasser Gratol
Trishia Gudim*
Annie Hua*
Yuzhao Shen**
Tony Tran

Southwest High School
Lisa Ath*
Arcane Boles
Taylor Dao
Keila Brianna Dela Cruz*
Leya Feng*
Cecily Gist
Kelcie Hibberd*
Eric Le**
Alex Maben**
Miranda Neil**
Kieu Nguyen
Windsor Nguyen
Donna Nhan
Hannah Oh**
Swetha Tatineni**
Lisa Vu
Micah Wiebusch

Posted on June 08, 2015