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Northeast High School Gets New Kitchen

For two years, the kitchen staff at Northeast High School has been serving breakfast and lunch in one of the school's gymnasiums and concession areas while the school underwent construction. On March 31, 2008 excitement was abound for students and staff alike when the new kitchen/commons area was unveiled and open for business. The beautiful area offers a hot food school meal line, fruit and veggie bar, salad bar, beverage coolers filled with flavored waters and fruit drinks, condiment bar and ala carte areas. The new kitchen offers students more choices and great quality foods as they are prepared on-site and well stocked. One student commented on opening day, "You must be in lunch lady heaven with this new cafeteria," and another said, "This is just like a college cafeteria, it is so nice."


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Published: April 25, 2008, Updated: February 13, 2014