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Students earn top honors at Foreign Language Fair

Students from high schools in Lincoln Public Schools participated in the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Foreign Language Fair. 

Here are the LPS students who won a particular language category:


Drama – Level II – Michelle Waile, Trish Hoang, Jeanette Tran; Lincoln North Star High School

Poetry – Level II – Hana McMahon-Cole, Lincoln High School.

Music – Level I – Angella Tran, Lincoln High

Poster – Level II – Cuong Luu, North Star


Drama – Level I – Lincoln High

Poetry – Level II – Erynn Johnson, Lincoln Southwest High School

Music – Level I – Olivia Shelbourn, Lincoln Southeast High School

Music – Level II – Broad Nickel and Isabel Neilan; Southeast

Poster – Level I – Ashlyn Eveland, Gina Mai and Shelby Yates; Southeast

Poster – Level II – Shea Thompson, Krysten Athan, Taylor Marshall, Velina Cruz; Southwest 


Drama – Level I – Cole Brady, Jaci Liddell, Taylor Martin, Noah Loos; North Star

Music – Level II – Celeste Torrence, Lincoln High

Poetry – Level I – Molly Jarvis, North Star

Poetry – Level II – Ava Clark, Lincoln East High School

Music – Level II – Joel Weinhold, North Star


Drama – Level I - Mariana Ossenkop, Cassidy Taladay, Fares Afshonkar, Andy Ngo, Maggie Lol; Lincoln High

Music – Level I - Clara Higgins, Lincoln High

Poetry – Level II – Tanner Pfieffer, Lincoln Northeast High School

Published: April 8, 2013, Updated: April 8, 2013