Meet LPS Focus Program Senior: Jamil, Bryan Community

The mission of Lincoln Public Schools is to prepare ALL students for successful careers, lifelong learning and civic engagement.

High school graduation is a culmination of our scholars' and educators' hard work toward this significant milestone. 

The LPS Focus Programs’ core values of exploration, education, engagement and empowerment are beliefs rooted in the overall LPS mission and the school district’s commitment to high school graduation. 

Read how Bryan Community Focus Program senior Jamil used LPS Focus Programs to Launch at LPS in this Q&A. 

Name: Jamil 

Grade: 12

Home High School: Lincoln High

Focus Program: Bryan Community 

Why did you choose the Bryan Community Focus Program?

I chose Bryan because I felt like it would give me a second chance at high school and I would actually be able to graduate.

How did the Bryan Community Focus Program change your high school experience?

I like the teachers at Bryan. I feel like I can depend on them and like how they teach.

What is the greatest lesson you learned from the Bryan Community Focus Program? Why?

Don't take things for granted. Teachers are being nice and trying to help you learn - don't take that for granted. 

If you take this for granted, it could lead to people not trusting you or not helping you as much. Make sure to express gratitude to those who help you.

How did the Bryan Community Focus Program help you reach your graduation goals?

It helped me focus when I needed to so I could actually pass my classes every semester and graduate.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I plan to go to trade school (Southeast Community College at Milford) and become an electrician.

How did the Bryan Community Focus Program help prepare you for those post-graduation plans? 

It made me try harder and get better.

How did the Bryan Community Focus Program help prepare you for the future?

It made me think about money. The classes teach about taxes and financial planning.

What would your advice be to younger students considering joining your focus program? Why?

Always try your best. If you are doubting yourself, take the time to relax and know that you got this.

Always give the teachers a chance. You don't know who will be the one who ends up helping you the most.

What are you most thankful about this experience? Why?

I got a second chance and I am actually able to graduate.

Congratulations, Jamil! We wish you the best in your future endeavors. We are thankful our educators could help you Launch at LPS!

Choose your passion. Choose your community. Choose your future with LPS Focus Programs. 

Learn more about the Bryan Community Focus Program by visiting its website at or stop by our website to get more information about all our focus programs.


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Published: June 13, 2024, Updated: June 13, 2024

Jamil is our featured LPS Focus Program graduating senior from the Bryan Community Focus Program.