Watch "Classroom Calling" featuring Olivia Thorell

Olivia Thorell, a fourth-grade teacher at Campbell Elementary School, brings a unique perspective to Lincoln Public Schools. Although she's a newcomer to Lincoln, having spent much of her life in Arizona where she taught in both public and charter schools, Olivia has a unique perspective of Lincoln Public Schools. She shares her story and classroom with us.

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“Classroom Calling” is a collection of heartfelt stories from teachers at Lincoln Public Schools. These narratives delve into the authentic experiences of educators, highlighting both the moments of growth and triumph in their profession. Each story gives a glimpse into their world and shows the profound impact teachers have on their students' lives. At Lincoln Public Schools, we strive for teachers to feel supported and empowered to make a difference. Discover the stories of our educators. More “ Classroom Calling” videos are coming soon!

Published: May 10, 2024, Updated: May 10, 2024