Meet LPS Focus Program Senior: Kaleb, Arts and Humanities

The mission of Lincoln Public Schools is to prepare ALL students for successful careers, lifelong learning and civic engagement.

High school graduation is a culmination of our scholars' and educators' hard work toward this significant milestone. 

The LPS Focus Programs core values of exploration, education, engagement and empowerment are beliefs rooted in the overall LPS mission and the school district’s commitment to high school graduation. 

Read how Arts and Humanities Focus Program senior Kaleb used LPS Focus Programs to Launch at LPS in this Q&A. 

Name: Kaleb

Grade: 12

Home High School: Northeast 

Focus Program: Arts and Humanities 

Why did you choose the Arts and Humanities Focus Program?

I chose to go to Arts and Humanities because I wanted to explore a future career in arts, specifically animation. Arts and Humanities gave me an opportunity to drive some of my own learning and complete independent projects that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to do.  

How did the Arts and Humanities Focus Program change your high school experience?

Going to Arts and Humanities gave me access to more materials and opportunities beyond those I would have gotten at my home high school. Alongside getting to talk to local and national artists, filmmakers, and writers, the school's humanities class lets us learn about history, philosophy and society.

What is the greatest lesson you learned from the Arts and Humanities Focus Program? Why?

At Arts and Humanities, you get to know your teachers well because of how small the staff team is. Students spend a lot of time with the select team of instructors in the program. I learned how important having a good relationship with your teachers is.  

How did the Arts and Humanities Focus Program help you reach your graduation goals?

Getting to know my teachers let me ask them for help more easily when I was submitting my applications for college. Having that help with letters of recommendation, art submissions and my portfolio allowed me to present my best during the application process.  

What are your post-graduation plans?

I hope to become an animator or writer. 

How did the Arts and Humanities Focus Program help prepare you for those post-graduation plans? 

Arts and Humanities has a lot of classes that let me improve my drawing and writing skills. I had the opportunity to try many different art mediums to find which ones I liked the best. 

How did the Arts and Humanities Focus Program help prepare you for the future?

Going to Arts and Humanities prepared me for my future career and let me build connections with teachers and guest speakers at the school. I hope to go into animation, and knowing about that industry will help me achieve my goals.  

What would your advice be to younger students considering joining your focus program? Why?

The advice I would give to younger students is that you don't need to have a pre-existing background in art. The school has all sorts of different options for students, including writing, 3D modeling, music, sculpture and painting. 

What are you most thankful about this experience? Why?

I am most thankful for the opportunities the program has given me to showcase my art and expand my skill set. Having access to so many different mediums and incredibly supportive teachers has been a great boon to my high school experience. 


Congratulations, Kaleb! We wish you the best in your future endeavors. We are thankful our educators could help you Launch at LPS!


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Published: May 6, 2024, Updated: May 23, 2024

Kaleb is our featured LPS Focus Program graduating senior from Arts & Humanities Focus Program