Meet LPS Focus Program Senior: Tatyana, Bay High

The mission of Lincoln Public Schools is to prepare ALL students for successful careers, lifelong learning and civic engagement.

High school graduation is a culmination of our scholars' and educators' hard work toward this significant milestone. 

The LPS Focus Programs core values of exploration, education, engagement and empowerment are beliefs rooted in the overall LPS mission and the school district’s commitment to high school graduation. 

Read how Bay High Focus Program senior Tatyana used LPS Focus Programs to Launch at LPS in this Q&A. 

Name: Tatyana

Grade: 12

Home High School: Lincoln High

Focus Program: Bay High 

Why did you choose the Bay High Focus Program?

My mom signed us up for one of the Bay's Youth Summer Programs, "Rowdy & Rabble," where we learned how to mix music, skate and do stop-motion photography. I had a level of comfort at the Bay as well as with their staff.

How did the Bay High Focus Program change your high school experience?

Being a part of Bay High has helped me realize and build on the way that I learn. Having the split of Bay High with Lincoln High has been refreshing and exciting. Being a senior and knowing what's expected of me from my teachers – I don't stress over my assignments anymore. 

What is the greatest lesson you learned from the Bay High Focus Program? Why?

Building your circle of people is very important. The more people you connect with the more business opportunities you'll have. Networking is a key action that you should take early on, you never know who could help you open up a new door. I've found it's also important to not only dress for success but to be comfortable in what you're wearing. Confidence, whether you're in casual clothing or formal, goes further than you know. 

How did the Bay High Focus Program help you reach your graduation goals? 

Bay High has helped me gain more than the credits I need to graduate but they've also helped me extend my support system.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I'm going to the University of Nebraska at Omaha for undergrad. Then, I have hopes to go to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for graduate school. While at UNO, I'll double major in biology and English with a minor in psychology.  

How did the Bay High Focus Program help prepare you for those post-graduation plans? 

This program has prepared me for both real world business endeavors as well as how to strive educationally. The classes I've taken and the constructive criticism I've received from my teachers have helped me build more confidence in my work, but also as a whole, as a person. 

How did the Bay High Focus Program help prepare you for the future?

I now have more skills on how to present myself professionally and how to make new friends along with business connections.

What would your advice be to younger students considering joining your focus program? Why?

If you have the slightest interest in a focus program, club or sport, do it. I suggest doing it before your senior year, but either way, do it. High school is the time to try new things and get a better idea of who you are. As far as focus programs, I would have never found my closest friends if we didn't sit at the same table that one day at Bay High, even though we go to the same school.

What are you most thankful about this experience? Why?

Out of this experience, I'm most thankful that I found my people. I have my group of girls with whom I can tell anything and everything. Two of those girls have become my best friends and I hope to always have that connection with them. Going into being a part of a new focus program, I was afraid that I would continue to be an outsider. I'm glad I found my girls. 

Congratulations, Tatyana!

We wish you the best in your future endeavors. We are thankful our educators could help you Launch at LPS!

Choose your passion. Choose your community. Choose your future with LPS Focus Programs. 


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Published: April 24, 2024, Updated: May 15, 2024

Tatyana is our featured LPS Focus Program graduating senior from Bay High.