East senior encourages student leadership through kindness and positivity

East High School senior Musab is spreading kindness and joy across campus with a heart as big as the Grand Canyon.
East students and staff have enjoyed hearing Musab’s friendly voice in hallways, classrooms and gyms for the past four years. He has encouraged many people with his work ethic and determination to overcome all obstacles.

Musab said one of his top goals is to be a leader for others. He also wants to give fellow East students confidence in their own mentorship and trailblazing abilities.
“I try to give the best advice I can to other people, so they can be a leader in the future,” Musab said.

Katie Wenz is a school counselor at East and first met Musab when he was a freshman. She said his positive reputation has spread far beyond just the senior class. Hundreds of Spartans in grades 9-12 share smiles with him throughout the school day.
“It’s pretty impressive,” Wenz said. “A lot of freshmen and sophomores know who he is. And it’s mostly because he goes to every school event, he says hi to every person. If someone is down or sad and he has no idea who they are, he’ll say hi to them or he’ll walk them to class. He just has a genuine heart. He cares sometimes more for others than he cares for himself, and that’s a rarity.”
East Principal Casey Fries said he has watched Musab enrich others with an energetic attitude. Fries felt he has grown in his ability to have open and honest conversations with adults, and he has motivated his classmates with kind actions and words at school.
“Musab was always a positive person, but he has learned that his personality is contagious, and uses his personality to make others feel welcomed and accepted,” Fries said. “Musab has grown in his confidence, and this confidence has allowed him to be successful in school.”
Wenz’s first conversation with Musab in his freshman year was about academics. She and other teachers wanted to help him boost his grades in several courses. Musab said he was proud of the fact that he has been able to persevere in the classroom.

“I think what makes him a good student is that he doesn’t give up, he tries hard and he asks for help,” Wenz said. “School’s not always easy for him, but he doesn’t quit. He asks for help, if he’s wrong or unsuccessful he tries again and he just doesn’t quit.”
“I just come to school and try my best to get good grades,” Musab said. “In my freshman year, at the start, I used to dig myself a big hole, and at one point in time I didn’t know if I was going to graduate or not. Ever since then my consistency and my dedication has excelled, and now I am going to graduate without any objects in my way.”
Musab has brought his bright spirit into many school activities. He played football, was student manager of the boys basketball team and is a member of East’s Hope Squad. He was also voted Homecoming King by his fellow Spartans.
“It keeps me busy,” Musab said. “I take the bus and travel to games and hang out with my friends.”

“For everybody else he keeps the motivation high,” Wenz said. “When he’s student managing in basketball, he’s cheering on every play. When he’s on the football team, on the field or not, he’s cheering on every play. So for him, he’s really a leader and a role model. That’s really the most important thing for him. It’s learning those role model and leadership skills.”
Students expressed their appreciation to Musab at the season’s last home varsity boys basketball game. He wore a uniform on Senior Night and beamed with joy when he went into the game. The crowd erupted in applause and chanted his name when he scored four points.
“When he got to play, it was the coolest thing ever,” Wenz said. “It was one of those things that you only see on social media and never think you’re going to witness in your life.”
Musab will be attending Peru State College next year to major in business. He also plans to play football for the Bobcats.
“I want to continue finding new people and meeting new people, just succeeding,” Musab said.

Fries and Wenz said they believe Musab will continue to spread kindness and joy everywhere he goes.
“Musab is accepting of everyone in our building,” Fries said. “Even though school has not always come easy for Musab, he shows up and works hard every day. Musab always has a smile on his face and he sees the good in all people.”
“He didn’t quit and he paid attention to what needed to be changed, and I don’t think that would have happened if he wasn’t afraid to ask for help,” Wenz said. “Now he’s doing great. I’m super proud of him.”

Congratulations, Musab!
We wish you the best in your future endeavors.
We are thankful our educators could help you Launch at LPS!

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Published: April 22, 2024, Updated: April 22, 2024

East High School senior Musab smiles in the school office. He has become a beloved member of the East community with his positive outlook on life and caring personality.