Staff Spotlight: Jose Hidalgo Ramirez - Behavior Interventionist at Culler Middle School

Every week, we’ll shine a spotlight on one Lincoln Public Schools staff member! Get to know the wonderful people making a positive impact across various areas within LPS. This week, meet Jose Hidalgo Ramirez, behavior interventionist at Culler Middle School.

“Jose brings many talents to a busy and sometimes difficult job, but his ability to develop authentic relationships with the scholars he works with is led and driven by his heart, and it's shown by the love in which he gives. Jose is many things to many scholars. Maybe the most important of these things is a safe place where they can reflect on their actions while he provides guidance, developing plans with them to repair harm and relationships with others. Jose positively affects the entire Culler community in ways that can't be measured.” David Dyson, Culler Middle School teacher.

In a few sentences, briefly describe your role at LPS.
I am a behavior technician. We have a room here for kids that are escalated or unable to be in class, and I work with a teacher to come up with plans for them to be successful back in their classes. I am also the head girls soccer coach at Northeast High School, a position I have held for six years.

How long have you worked for LPS?
I have worked in LPS for six years at Lincoln Northeast as the head girls soccer coach, and I have been at Culler for two years.

What inspired you to become part of the education field at LPS?
I am a huge advocate of diversity, and when I was growing up, I didn't see many teachers or school staff that looked like me or had a similar story. LPS has such a diverse population, and I wanted to be a representation of that diversity.

What has been your favorite part of working here? What aspect of your job do you find most rewarding?
I love watching the progress and development of my students and athletes. When they are able to make goals, meet those goals and develop great habits, that is what is most rewarding to me. Students and athletes all have different stories, unique stories, and when they share those stories and grow as people, that is definitely my favorite part.

Did you attend LPS as a student? If so, which school(s)? If not, where are you from?
I did! I attended Meadow Lane Elementary School, Dawes Middle School and Lincoln Northeast High School! Go Rockets!

What do you enjoy most about the Lincoln community?
I love the close-knit feeling that Lincoln has. I can feel the love and support every day from the people in Lincoln, and to me that means everything.

What is your favorite childhood book or a book that has influenced your life positively?
In fifth grade, we read a book called “Crash.” In the book, the main character starts off being a bully and picking on a kid that just moved into the neighborhood. By the end of the book, the amount of growth and development that he goes through to change his outlook in life is inspiring.

Share a shout out to a former teacher who impacted your life.
I have tons of people that helped me and influenced me to be the person I am now. Pete Ferguson was a huge influence for me. Dave Dyson continues to inspire me every day at Culler. The biggest influence has been Chris Simley. He believed in me, at times when I didn't believe in myself, and showed me the blueprints to be successful.

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Published: April 19, 2024, Updated: April 23, 2024

Jose Hidalgo Ramirez - Behavior Interventionist at Culler Middle School