Meadow Lane wins 2024 Inspire School of the Year Award

Meadow Lane Elementary School students and staff smile with representatives from Lincoln Public Schools and the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools on April 18. Meadow Lane was the recipient of the 2024 Inspire School of the Year Award. The prestigious award recognizes one LPS building each year for fostering a strong sense of community, leadership and consistency.

Meadow Lane Elementary School students had an inspiring reason to sing their school song during a special assembly Thursday afternoon.
The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools surprised Meadow Lane with the 2024 Inspire School of the Year Award on April 18. The prestigious award recognizes one LPS building each year for fostering a strong sense of community, leadership and consistency. It also celebrates the positive and productive learning environment that is present in the school.
Principal Daniele Schulzkump said she was thrilled to receive the award for everyone at Meadow Lane.
“We are incredibly honored to be recognized as the Inspire School of the Year,” Schulzkump said. “This award is a testament to the dedication of our entire school community – students, staff and parents – who have worked tirelessly to create a supportive and positive learning environment for all.”
LPS Foundation Marketing Director Kayla Jacox said it was exciting to watch students and staff beam with pride when they heard the announcement. Committee members selected Meadow Lane after reviewing applications earlier this year.
“It was really awesome to see the application from Meadow Lane come through this year, because they are really deserving of the award,” Jacox said. “One of the perks of this job is to come and celebrate an entire school for doing just awesome work and really working on pieces of life that are part of education.”
Jacox presented a check for $5,000 to Schulzkump in the school gym. A team of Meadow Lane administrators, students and staff will meet to determine how the money will be spent. Schulzkump said it will certainly be used on a school project to reinforce the positive steps Meadow Lane has taken over the past year.
Students actively contribute to the school in many ways. Meadow Lane staff have developed programs for math and reading buddies, line walkers and preschool helpers. There is a dedicated time during the school day for students to voice concerns and celebrate successes, and the school has developed a goal of increasing leadership skills in all students.
Staff created a new Mustang Mentors program last year that has paid significant dividends. The program pairs students across grade levels in many positive academic and community activities. Schulzkump said it has caused many smiles to happen throughout the school building.
“Mustang Mentors fosters a sense of belonging in students, leading to a more positive learning environment,” Schulzkump said.
Data has also shown tangible results from Meadow Lane’s dedication to creating a strong school community. Meadow Lane staff have seen an increase in positive behavior among students, and the number of minor behavior incidents has remained relatively consistent between both years.
“It’s amazing to see the results our educators can foster in their learning environments with the support of an amazing staff and buy-in from the community,” Foundation President Wendy Van said. “We are honored to recognize Meadow Lane for their hard work on the positive improvements they implemented last year to become a better version of themselves.”
To be considered for the Inspire School of the Year Award, principals must detail all of the initiatives that have led to progress in their buildings. A selection committee comprised of the Foundation Board of Directors, LPS district staff and community members reviewed each application. They selected the school they felt made the most significant impact on students, staff, faculty and community.
“We are so proud of Daniele and her staff, because they put in a lot of work on that application to make sure they were able to highlight the successes that they’ve had,” Jacox said.
Jacox said Meadow Lane students and staff were inspiring everyone in Lincoln with their tremendous accomplishments in their school community.
“We are so proud at the Foundation to be able to support all of our students and staff, and today, specifically Meadow Lane for doing awesome work over the past several years,” Jacox said.

Learn about the foundation’s 2024 Inspire Award winners on its website at

Published: April 18, 2024, Updated: April 18, 2024