LPS students win blue-chip awards in state stock market contest

Lincoln Public Schools students padded their educational portfolios with top scores in a state stock market contest.
Local students took part in the Nebraska Stock Market Game during the fall semester. Two teams from Lincoln Northeast finished in the top ten spots of the high school division, and middle school groups from Moore, Park and Pound earned similar recognition for their efforts.
LPS Secondary Computer Science Coordinator Julie Hippen said she was thrilled with the results. The Nebraska Council on Economic Education (NCEE) sponsors the contest each year. A total of 353 high school teams and 93 middle school squads from all corners of Nebraska played the game this fall.
“This competition is a way for students to experience the concepts they are learning in their class,” Hippen said. “It is a huge accomplishment to have students place so well among their peers across the state!”
Lindsay Tillinghast leads the Nebraska Business Focus Program at Standing Bear High School and is director of the NCEE’s center in Lincoln. She said a large number of LPS students have benefited from the game. Teams of two to five players compete in one of three divisions: elementary (grades 4-5), junior high/middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12).
“The Nebraska Stock Market Game provides an opportunity for students to explore and practice investing in real time with low stakes,” Tillinghast said. “The goal of the Stock Market Game is for students to gain comfort with reading, researching and making securities purchases to better prepare students with investment decisions in the future. We want to equip teachers and students with the skills to be able to understand their investment choices and increase access for all students.”
Hippen said LPS high school students played the game this semester as part of their wealth building and financial management class. Middle school students in the ‘business 8’ course kept track of their stock portfolios in the contest.
Each team received $100,000 in a virtual cash account at the start of the 13-week game. Their goal was to grow their virtual treasury of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments as much as possible. They could monitor their portfolios on a daily basis and could trade stocks in real time.

Tillinghast said students incorporated their knowledge of subjects such as math, business, economics, language arts and social studies into the game. Players needed to keep track of daily events at local, state, national and international levels, as breaking news could impact the value of a stock. They also researched the history of various companies to see if they would be wise stock selections.

Hippen and Tillinghast said students also learned skills such as leadership, organization, negotiation and cooperation. They had to work together to make decisions and had to be responsible about checking their portfolios.

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Two teams at Lincoln Northeast captured prominent honors in the high school division. Students in Jeff Fagler’s business class earned first place with a final portfolio amount of $117,653.60. Students in Shanda Dinneen’s business class collected eighth place with $114,113.70.
Five LPS teams finished in the top ten of the middle school division. Students in Ashley Huppert’s business class at Moore earned championship ($112,201.78) and runner-up ($111,007.08) honors.
Students in Laura Brouillette’s class at Park earned seventh ($107,307.18) and eighth ($106,768.38) places. Members of Dani Fusco’s class at Pound pocketed tenth place with $106,082.72.
The NCEE is sponsoring a similar game for the spring semester that will run through April 5. Elementary, middle and high school teams can begin playing at any time.
NCEE officials will honor students from 18 teams at a Banquet of Champions awards ceremony at the end of the spring semester. Members of the top three teams from each age division in both the fall and spring will be recognized. They will receive team trophies and individual medals and certificates for their work.
Fall 2023 Top Ten High School Division Teams
1) Lincoln Northeast - $117,653.60, 2) Seward - $116,221.50, 3) Nebraska City - $115,665.85, 4) Seward - $115,609.07, 5) Seward - $114,873.82, 6) Hastings - $114,473.49, 7) Seward - $114,349.52, 8) Lincoln Northeast - $114,113.70, 9) Plattsmouth - $114,079.25, 10) Plattsmouth - $113,736.85
Fall 2023 Top Ten Middle School Division Teams
1) Moore Middle School - $112,201.78, 2) Moore Middle School - $111,007.08, 3) Columbus - $110,108.73, 4) Central City - $109,429.47, 5) Columbus - $109,363.71, 6) Arlington - $108,385.28, 7) Park Middle School - $107,307.18, 8) Park Middle School - $106,768.38, 9) Columbus - $106,703.57, 10) Pound Middle School - $106,082.72

Published: January 23, 2024, Updated: January 23, 2024

Lincoln Public Schools students did well in the fall edition of the Nebraska Stock Market Game. High school students from Northeast and middle school students from Moore, Park and Pound finished in the top ten spots of their state divisions.