2023 LPS Culinary Competition

On Wednesday, December 6, The Career Academy hosted the annual Lincoln Public Schools Culinary Competition.  More than 200 LPS students participated in the event, showcasing various culinary skills. The results from the day's competition can be found below. 

Culinary I Events

Knife Skills  44 entries

1st - Lucia Perez Roman, Lincoln High

2nd - Avery Fletcher, Lincoln High

3rd - Summer Ullman, Lincoln Northeast

4th - Sally Almotawa, Lincoln Southwest

5th - Genesis Moreno, Lincoln Northeast

6th - Izzie Kiser, Lincoln Southwest


Quiz Bowl  7 Teams
1st - Standing Bear High School

Adelyn Haden, Brinley Beerenstrauch, Jessica Sadler, Novalee Hutter

2nd - Lincoln Southeast High School

Kiarah Canby, Satore King, Cristian Hain, Hudson Witte


Nutrition Poster 
1st - Georgia Morrow, Lincoln Northeast

2nd - Logan Burbach, Lincoln High

Culinary II Events

Quiz Bowl 4 Teams

1st - Lincoln Southeast High School

Anthony Steen, Ava Neumayer, Betsy Rajala, Makenna Sherman

2nd - Lincoln High School

Emma Loving, Clementine Haffey, Allison Kwiatkowski, Lyla Talbott


Safety & Sanitation Poster 
1st - Rachel Koch, Lincoln East

2nd - Laila Al-Mugotir and Gizelle Bell, Lincoln Northeast

3rd - Audrey Chan, Lincoln Southeast


Sauces 22 Entries

1st - Tristan McGill, Lincoln Southeast

2nd - Eli Fiedler, Lincoln Southeast

3rd - Easton Cook, Bryan Community Focus Program


Salads 21 Entries
1st - Maya Kunc, Lincoln Southeast

2nd - Brigitte Palomares, Lincoln Northwest


Decorated Cookie  20 Entries

1st - Emma Loving, Lincoln High

2nd - Rachel Koch, Lincoln East

3rd - Amber Ortega, TCA


Decorated Cookie Pre-manufactured base 

1st - Isabelle Bausch, Lincoln Southeast

2nd - Lili Sorensen, Lincoln Southeast

3rd - Lucy Cogan, Lincoln Southeast


Culinary III Events

Dessert Plating  5 Entries
1st - Kyyon Nguyen, Lincoln Southwest

2nd - McKenzie Fuller, Lincoln High

3rd - Ella Cowan, TCA


Team Entree - High School Division 4 Entries

1st - LSW Green

2nd - TCA

3rd - LSW Silver

4th - Lincoln High 


School Spirit Award: Lincoln High School  For showcasing school spirit, attentiveness and participation in demonstrating excellent sportsmanship during the Culinary Competition!


Published: December 14, 2023, Updated: December 15, 2023

Students work on plating their dishes during the timed Team Entree portion of the LPS Culinary Competition, hosted by The Career Academy on Dec.6