Resources for families: Supporting children and teens in processing current events

LPS families,

As horrific news and images from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Gaza continue to be shared through media and social media, we want to provide families with resources to assist you in helping your family process the information and events. 

Even though these attacks are unfolding half a world away, this international crisis is substantially impacting all communities worldwide. We all mourn the loss of innocent lives, and we must all remain sensitive to the fact that members of our own community are greatly affected by and dealing with the events and information being shared. 

It is our duty as a community to work towards a better understanding of this complex situation and be better informed of the recent events and history behind the ongoing conflict. We all have a responsibility to learn about our neighbors, their cultures, and their beliefs to foster understanding and peace. We must teach and use diplomatic solutions and engage in non-violent discourse to help keep our communities - and our families - safe. 

While troubling to us all, the news and images can be particularly difficult for children and teens to process. It is also important to note that some of our students may have family members or friends directly impacted by the ongoing conflict.  Some families may be worried about loved ones who are directly impacted, including those who live in the area, those who are visiting and are trying to get back to the United States, or those who are deployed as part of the military, government, or a relief organization.

Below are resources you can use to help you assist your child in processing these latest events:

If you need additional support in assisting your child process these events, please reach out to your school teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, bilingual liaisons, student advocates, or administrators. We have many caring adults here to help you and your family.

In closing, I just want to say we are fortunate that here in Lincoln, our public schools are unique places where staff members, students, and families from diverse and varied backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs come together. We work together every single day to embrace each and every child. At Lincoln Public Schools, All Means ALL.

Dr. Paul Gausman | Superintendent of Schools
Lincoln Public Schools

Published: October 13, 2023, Updated: October 13, 2023