Highlights of the 9/28 Safe and Successful Kids Interlocal Meeting

The Safe and Successful Kids (SSK) Interlocal Board, composed of members from both the Lincoln Board of Education and the City of Lincoln, held their regular meeting on Thursday, Sept. 28 at the Steve Joel District Leadership Center.

Election of officers

City council member James Michael Bowers was elected chair, and Lincoln Board of Education member Kathy Danek was elected vice-chair.

Review of annual report on mental health services

Staff from Lincoln Public Schools presented an update on mental health services and supports in schools and how it relates to school safety. The SSK Interlocal Agreement funds a portion of the mental health supports that were highlighted during the presentation.

The Threat Assessment Team assesses and manages targeted violence risk. They also help support staff, students and families by creating safety plans, connecting families to services, aligning school supports, and ensuring continuity of care.

The Threat Assessment Team works collaboratively with the Lincoln Police Department, and aligns with national standards on targeted violence management. Members of the Threat Assessment Team include LPS Security Coordinator Jon Sundermeier, LPS Safety Social Work Coordinator Allyson Headrick, LPS Safety Social Worker Kristi Lange, Lincoln Police Department Investigator Nate Hill and Blue Valley Mental Health Therapist Keri Nider.

The majority of referrals to the Threat Assessment Team are initiated by schools to the team. Reports are also shared through the green Safe to Say button on the LPS website, the Safe2Help Nebraska website, and phone calls to the Lincoln Police Department.

LPS Social Work Coordinator Andrea Phillips also shared information about collaboration efforts between LPS and community therapist agencies.

Schools integrate community mental health support through the Multi-Tiered Student Support for Behavior as mental health directly impacts behavior. There are therapists located in schools and social workers use data to manage referrals.

Through the interlocal collaboration, 391 students were served by community agencies in school last school year. This is in addition to other students and schools who receive support through other programs.

Approval of the meeting schedule

The board voted to approve the following meeting schedule for the upcoming year:

  • November 2, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.: meeting topic will be the review of the annual report on School Resource Officer program and School Perception and Discipline Data.
  • February 22, 2024 at 12:15 p.m.: meeting topic will be to review the annual report for Community Learning Centers.

Published: September 28, 2023, Updated: September 28, 2023