LPS students awarded Nebraska Seals of Biliteracy for Summer 2023

The Nebraska Department of Education and the Nebraska International Language Association have awarded 101 Seals of Biliteracy to 71 Nebraska students this semester. Seals are awarded for students in Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean and Tamil.

The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy honors high school students who have achieved a high level of proficiency in English and at least one other language. Lincoln Public Schools is proud to have several students among those who received a Seal of Biliteracy. 

"We are excited to see our students achieving the Seal of Biliteracy," said Kate Damgaard, Language Curriculum Specialist for Lincoln Public Schools. "The mission of world language education in LPS is to prepare all learners to thrive in a multilingual and interconnected society through the development of communicative language skills, intercultural proficiency, and ability to reflect on diverse perspectives. In Lincoln Public Schools we are proud to offer Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Spanish for Spanish speakers and Arabic for Arabic speakers. These language pathways reflect the diverse community of Lincoln and prepare our students to be global citizens."

The following Lincoln Public Schools students earned a Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy for Summer 2023.

Dayton Engelbart

Lincoln Southwest High School - French

Eleonora Cagnetta

Lincoln High School - French

Ellery Potts

Lincoln Southwest High School - Spanish

Emerson Lionberger

Lincoln Southwest High School - Spanish

Jena Forlemu

Lincoln High School - French

Juriah Lawson

Lincoln High School - Spanish

Kai Sasaki

Lincoln Southwest High School - Chinese

Katie Wassenmiller 

Lincoln High School - Spanish

Madison Rink

Lincoln Southwest High School - Spanish

Markus Rutledge

Lincoln Southwest High School - Korean


Students apply for the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy after demonstrating proficiency based on the Nebraska World Language Standards structured around communication, cultures, connections, communities and cognition within a language other than English.

To learn more about the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy, visit https://www.education.ne.gov/worldlanguage/nebraska-seal-of-biliteracy/. 

Published: September 12, 2023, Updated: September 15, 2023