LPS cancels early childhood classes for Wednesday and Thursday (8/23-24)

Lincoln Public Schools announced on Tuesday evening they are canceling early childhood classes on Wednesday, Aug. 23, and Thursday, Aug. 24, for LPS preschool students.

“Our team has been monitoring conditions and making adjustments to our protocols while our city navigates this unprecedented weather,” said Superintendent Paul Gausman. “Over a quarter of the 3,200 students transported by LPS are early childhood students. These 850 students are transported during midday and afternoon - the hottest part of the day. By canceling early childhood classes the next two days, we are reducing their heat exposure and allow for shorter route times overall. That also allows our drivers to provide relief for other routes.”

Classes will resume for early childhood preschool students on Friday, Aug. 25. Any meetings with early childhood families will still be held as planned.  

Gausman added that classes are still in session for LPS students in grades kindergarten through 12. 

“We serve a variety of families each with unique situations at home. Not all of our students live in housing that has central air conditioning. School buildings are the one place that all students are guaranteed to have access to central air conditioning during the majority of the day. It is our practice that schools remain open in inclement weather whenever possible. We recognize that student transportation options may vary making it necessary for parents to make the final decisions regarding whether their children will attend school. Parents may decide to keep their children home or transport their child to and from school during inclement weather even if we have not canceled classes.”

Published: August 22, 2023, Updated: August 22, 2023