Science Focus Program cultivates future scientists at Malone Center

Student leaders in Lincoln Public Schools’ Science Focus Program partnered with the Malone Center’s after-school program to spark students’ interest in science early.

Each year, the program does outreach for elementary to middle school aged students to engage them in science.  

“I feel people get intimidated by science or think of science as one thing, just like physics, but it's so much greater,” Science Focus Program senior Rhianna said. 

The high school scientists hosted two workshops for the elementary students over a couple of days. First, they taught the kids about flint knapping, which was a technique prehistoric humans used to make tools out of rock. Then, they gave the Malone participants a glimpse into biology by dissecting frogs. 

“It just felt weird to feel a frog for the first time and dissect it,” Malone after-school participant Joshua said. He also attends Everett Elementary School. 

“We just had a regular old dissection and let the kids explore the frog and see how the organs in that organism are similar to ones in their own bodies,” Rhianna said.

The Science Focus Program is one of nine LPS focus programs. One of its values is being active in the Lincoln community. Its outreach allows the program’s students to apply what they learned in the classroom beyond its walls. 

“It helps to reinstill that knowledge in me, I mean, it affirms everything that I learned and it's rewarding to be able to pass it on to someone else and see their eyes light up like mine did the first time I did it,” Rhianna said. 

The Science Focus Program is also the oldest LPS Focus Program – enrolling its first students in 1997. Its foundation of exploratory learning and fostering connections is part of the magic that keeps it thriving.

“Individualized learning is definitely what sticks out to me. The tight-knit community, your teachers, and you interact more,” Rhianna said. “You know everybody here, you have a greater connection with all these people here, and you have more learning opportunities.” 

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Published: August 7, 2023, Updated: August 9, 2023

Science Focus Program students show younger students how to dissect frogs at the Malone Center.