LPS District Scholar Equity Cadre presents 2023 State of Diversity address

Lincoln Public Schools continues to uplift student voices to foster equity and belonging. 

The LPS District Scholar Equity Cadre presented its State of Diversity Engagement address to staff and community members on June 15.  

“At the start of this year, our group charged ourselves with building community while maintaining the momentum of those who came before,” equity cadre graduate Emely said. “ We wanted to be deliberate and thoughtful to accelerate progress in equity while honoring the greater district work and Board of Education Goals and All Means All Action Plan.”

The scholars led a discussion to facilitate the development of institutional policies, protocols and practices intended to create a more equitable and inclusive school district culture utilizing a framework to foster a creative and innovative learning environment for all. 

“Scholar perspectives are crucial to advancing equity within this district and the districts nationwide,” cadre member Gabriel said. 

The cadre’s 2023 State of Diversity address touch on the following points:

  • Equity Cadre Priorities:  Keeping LPS neutral and unified in times of public divide; providing innovative and transformative learning experiences; and LPS should firmly state its stance “All Means All.”
  • Positive Behaviors: Urging LPS to restrict negative behaviors and support a transformation into positive behaviors that aligns with more significant school district goals of scholars being meaningful members of a pluralistic society. 
  • Inward Expansion:  Increasing the number of diverse educators and staff at LPS.
  • Continued Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts: Elevating diverse and underrepresented voices; building relations and modeling the pillars of equity, civility, justice and kindness.

 Watch the full address:


The LPS District Equity Cadre is looking for community feedback about how to further the school district’s DEI efforts. 

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Published: June 21, 2023, Updated: June 21, 2023

2022 - 2023 LPS District Scholar Equity Cadre members shares updates about diversity, equity and inclusion efforts with the community.