LPS high school students win top honors at Nebraska Science Fair

Several Lincoln Public Schools high school students walked away with top honors at the Nebraska Junior Academy of Science (NJAS) State Science Fair competition in April. 

NJAS awarded LPS Science Focus program and Lincoln East High School student-scientists and researchers various accolades and prizes, including the Stockholm Water Prize, Lauritzen Gardens passes and scholarships. This year’s competition was held at Nebraska Wesleyan. 

Medalists Hyrum Moody and Aubrey Letts from the Science Focus Program, and Sofia Sarroub-Le Sueur from Lincoln East High School qualified to the national meeting of the American Junior Academy of Science to present their research in Denver, Colo.

LPS congratulates the following scholars: 

Lincoln Science Focus

Hyrum Moody, State Medalist

Project title: Chasing the Fading Night: Mapping Light Pollution and Skyglow in Lincoln Nebraska
Special Awards: $250 scholarship from Nebraska Cures

Aubrey Letts, State Medalist

Project title: Tracking Decomposer Insects in Different Environments on Previously Grazed Farmland in Southeastern Nebraska
Special Awards: $350 Scholarship

Jessie Storz, State Qualifier

Project title: Examining the Link Between Trending Hashtags on Twitter and Eating Disorder Prevalence in America
Special Awards: Casey’s pizza

Gus Blessen, State Qualifier

Project title: How Nitrate Levels Change as Water Tables Recharge in Rural Nebraska
Special Awards: Stockholm Water Prize

Lindsay Howe, State Qualifier, 2022 State Medalist

Project title: How the Biodiversity and Species Richness of Mowed Lawns, Tallgrass Prairies, and Prairie-Lawns Compare to One Another
Special Awards: $250 from Lincoln Industries, Admission to Lauritzen Gardens


Lincoln East

Sofia Sarroub-Le Sueur, State Medalist

Project title: Measuring Metabolic Rate of Warm- and Cold-evolved Populations To Try and Predict How Organisms Respond to Environmental Change
Special Awards: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2023 Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award, Certificate of Outstanding Achievement from the American Meteorological Society


LPS Qualifiers (from left to right): Jessie Storz, Aubrey Letts, Lindsay Howe, Hyrum Moody, Sofia Sarroub-Le Sueur, Gus Blessen

Published: May 16, 2023, Updated: May 16, 2023

LPS students competed in the 2023 Nebraska Junior Academy of Science (NJAS) State Science Fair competition and earned several medals.