Going the extra mile: LPS hosts 16th Annual Backpack Extra Mile Walk for child hunger

Lincoln Public Schools students, staff and community partners laced up their sneakers to combat child hunger on April 22. 

LPS collaborates with the Lincoln Food Bank each year to host the Backpack Extra Mile Walk. 

The walk raises funds to give our students and families weekly and monthly access to nutritious food through the BackPack Program, School Food Markets and Lincoln Public Schools Emergency Pantries. 

“A lot of us can’t fathom what it is like to be going home and not having any idea where the next meal is coming from and it’s so hard to imagine that at times,” LPS Superintendent Paul Gausman said. “Yet we have students that have that experience. I’m so thankful you’re here to help us with this.” 

LPS has raised over $2.3 million in more than a decade of hosting the event. This year, supporters gave more than $124,000. 

“Every month, more than 5000 families, students and families in our schools, get support because of this strong partnership,” Lincoln Food Bank CEO Michaella Kumke said. 

“We’ve eased hunger in our community with these dollars,” Gausman added. 

Here are the top fundraising schools:

High school:  Southeast High School 
Middle school: Lux Middle School
Elementary school: Maxey Elementary 

You can still donate to help support these programs by clicking here


Published: May 4, 2023, Updated: May 24, 2023

Robinson Elementary school makes its first appearance at the annual LPS Extra Mile Walk.