Building with purpose at East

Lincoln East High School students lend a helping hand to a community preschool program located at Belmont Elementary School. 

The school’s Introduction to Construction class is building a shed for Educare. The shed will help store outdoor play equipment for some of Lincoln’s littlest learners. 

“It feels good that what we're building has a purpose and we're not just going to throw it away afterward,” East junior Maguire said. 

“I think this is a great opportunity for them to make a full-scale building from start to finish,” East Skilled and Technical Sciences instructor Robert Babcock said.  

The LPS Operations team invited the Spartans to take on the project during the second semester of the 2023 -2024 school year. Students were able to apply what they learned in class like tool safety, cutting parts and drawing blueprints. 

“I'd say it's pretty fun to work together as a team,” East sophomore Henry said. “It's good leadership skills to build teamwork and work together.”

East’s project is one example of the mission of Skilled and Technical Sciences (STS) curriculum – ensuring students get hands-on experience to learn and prepare for the future workforce. 

“We believe that this process would provide excellent real life opportunities for our kids.  They'd have the responsibility to design, then construct the storage shed based on a client's real needs,” LPS Operations Director Scott Wieskamp said. 

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See the students at work below in this Glimpses of LPS video and slideshow. 


Published: March 30, 2023, Updated: March 30, 2023

East Intro to Construction students put up the walls they constructed for the shed.