LPS response to national 'SWATting' calls

Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman is releasing the following response to news reports indicating that multiple schools across the nation received information about fake emergencies inside schools today:

"We can confirm that Lincoln Police received a phone call this morning that reported an emergency at one of our schools. Lincoln Police working with our staff were able to quickly determine the call was a hoax and part of a national trend aimed at disrupting the learning environment in our schools. We appreciate the continued collaboration and communication with our law enforcement partners. Earlier this week our security department was already aware of the national trend and working with law enforcement on how to best manage 'swatting' incidents which allowed us to be prepared for today's event. It is important we do not further contribute to the disruption created by these bad actors."

We would like to remind you, school safety takes a community and we take all reports seriously. If you have a safety concern, please report it to law enforcement or use the green Safe to Say button on our website. Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping our schools safe.

Published: March 2, 2023, Updated: March 2, 2023