Updated school safety information following incidents at Irving and Culler middle schools

I’m writing to provide you with updated information from Lincoln Public Schools and Lincoln Police following the news article about the individual who entered Irving Middle School on Jan. 23, and Culler Middle School on Feb. 9. 

We understand how what the news reported can cause concerns. I want to assure you that the LPS Threat Assessment Team has been working collaboratively with the Lincoln Police during their ongoing investigation as new information emerges. Lincoln Police have confirmed that 20-year-old D’angelo Wells remains in the Lancaster County Detention Center following his arrest on Feb. 9 for trespassing at Culler Middle School. Lincoln Police and the LPS Threat Assessment Team have assured us there is not an active threat towards any schools, students or staff. 

Here is a timeline of events that has come to light as a result of the ongoing investigation by Lincoln Police:

  • On the morning of Jan. 23, Wells entered Irving Middle School twice, before being involved in a car accident. During conversations with both administrators and police officers, Wells indicates he is there to see his “cousin”. The School Resource Officer cites Wells for trespassing, Driving Under the Influence, negligent driving, no seatbelt and no insurance. Wells was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Officers searched both Wells and his vehicle and did not find any weapons. At this time there was no known connection between Wells and Irving Middle School students or staff.
  • During the evening of Jan. 26, LPS Threat Assessment received information that an adult man was communicating with three Irving students via Snapchat prior to Jan. 23. One of the students reported a threat was made by the adult. There was a possibility that this adult man was the same individual that entered the school on Jan. 23 and had a social media acquaintance with a female Irving student. LPS Threat Assessment turned this information over to Lincoln Police to investigate.
  • Overnight on Jan. 26 and early morning of Jan. 27, Lincoln Police identified the adult man communicating over Snapchat with Irving students as Wells. They made contact with Wells at his parents’ home and proceeded to interview him. Wells again claimed he was at Irving to see his “cousin” and nothing more. Wells did not have any weapons or known access to weapons in the home. Wells was instructed to stay away from schools and end online communications with students.
  • During the day on Jan. 27, the Lincoln Police Department investigator assigned to the joint LPD and LPS Threat Assessment team interviewed Wells again through the threat assessment process and instructed him again to stay away from all schools and to stop all online communications with the students. Wells was also instructed to end any form of relationship with the female student. An investigation was ongoing into the nature of the relationship between Wells and the student.
  • As the investigation continued, the Irving student who was communicating with Wells admitted to having conversations with him, but said they had stopped. The student told officers it was an online friendship that began through a family member.
  • At Culler Middle School during arrival on Feb. 9, an adult attempted to enter the building with a student. Culler staff recognized the adult did not belong at Culler Middle School and removed him from the entrance. He ran from staff when questioned and Culler staff followed him as far as 54th and O streets before stopping pursuit. At the same time Lincoln Police were contacted. Through interviews of Culler staff and students, Lincoln Police were able to determine the adult was Wells and he was attempting to enter the school with the same female student that previously attended Irving.
  • Later that morning on Feb. 9, police made contact and arrested Wells for stalking and trespassing at Culler Middle School. 
  • As of Feb. 14, Wells remains lodged at the Lancaster County Detention Center. An investigation continues into the nature of the relationship between Wells and the student, including online communications between the two.

We share this information with you so you can see the threat assessment process between Lincoln Police and Lincoln Public Schools. Through this process, new information is fully investigated as it emerges and shared with Lincoln Police or Lincoln Public Schools staff. We appreciate the continued collaboration with Lincoln Police to help ensure our students and staff have a safe learning environment. 

School safety takes a community. If you have any information that is concerning - no matter how small you think it is - please contact Lincoln Police at (402)441-6000, LPS Security, or through the green Safe to Say button on the LPS website immediately. 

Joe Wright
LPS Director of Security

Published: February 14, 2023, Updated: February 14, 2023