Ada Robinson Elementary School staff preview new facility

Ada Robinson Elementary School staff were able to walk through their new building on Aug. 5 and see a preview ahead of the school year. Lincoln Public Schools announced after the tour on Friday that the opening of the school will be delayed two weeks while crews finish key elements in the building.

“It’s so beautiful. I’m so excited. It’s gorgeous,” said Ali Waite, teacher.

“There was an awful lot of elation from our staff. It was like the very first day of school for them,” added Jeff Vercellino, principal. 

Named after a longtime Clinton Elementary School teacher, Robinson Elementary School is located in the Waterford Estates near 102nd and Holdrege streets. This year’s school motto, "Rooted in Relationships," reflects Robinson’s approach to education.

“The teams we have assembled are first and foremost ready to do what’s best for the interest of students and are eager and excited to implement high-quality instruction in all our learning environments,” Vercellino said. 

During the tour, staff had the opportunity to see some of the new classrooms, the library and various common spaces. LPS broke ground on the project in May 2021. The school is one of three new schools opening after the community voted to approve a bond referendum in 2020.

“I’m so happy we are here. We are finally here,” Waite said.

LPS serves approximately 41,000 students, and elementary students accounted for nearly half of the school district’s population. LPS Superintendent Paul Gausman said leaders carefully designed the school to best support growth, learning and belonging. 

“While it will eventually be a larger school with maybe 500 or 600 students in it, the student experience won’t feel as though they’re in that larger building. It will feel as if they’re in a much smaller setting, which we know is better for education,” Gausman commented.

Robinson Elementary and Lincoln Northwest High School will open their doors this fall. Standing Bear High School is scheduled to open its doors in fall 2023. 

Take a look at some highlights from the tour:

Published: August 10, 2022, Updated: August 11, 2022