Required staff training for suicide awareness/prevention now available

Training is now available for all Lincoln Public Schools employee groups required to take the annual suicide awareness/prevention training as required by the law passed by the Nebraska State Legislature in 2014. The deadline for completing the training is the end of the first quarter of the 2022-23 school year (Oct. 18, 2022). Unlike previous years, you can now complete this training in the summer if you choose.

The link to access the training can be found here. (More detailed instructions are here.) You will need to register to create an account. Passwords must be 10 characters long and must contain a capital letter. After you have registered, please choose the course titled “Making Educators Partners in Youth Suicide Prevention: Act on FACTS (60 min) National Version”

Please note, this course should take about an hour to complete and will include videos that you’ll need to watch (Closed Captioning is available), knowledge checks/assessments, and definition and resource lists that can be utilized after you’ve completed the course. This training is provided by the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide.The training module looks at youth suicide and the important part that educators play in the prevention of youth suicide.

Those required to take the training are: teachers, administrators, counselors, school psychologists, social workers, nurses, health technicians, treatment nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, sign language interpreters, service coordinators, SLPs, Bilingual Liaisons, Gifted Mentors, Youth Development Team members, Campus Security, Early Childhood Student Parent Advocates, and para educators including SEMs. Any employee who is not required to take the training, including substitutes, can still take it if they choose to do so.

At the end of the training, you will be able to print or save a certificate of completion for the course. Please forward that certificate to whomever will be your principal/supervisor or to the individual designated in your location/department for the 2022-23 school year.
Thank you for your continued work and dedication toward making Lincoln Public Schools a safe and welcoming place for the students of our community.  If you have any questions contact Student Services at 402-436-1651.

Published: May 20, 2022, Updated: May 20, 2022