Not your typical student teacher

Susie Stewart has worked with many student teachers over the years, but none quite like Harith Kamil. 

He’s not only a student - he’s a student in her fourth-grade class at West Lincoln Elementary School.

Kamil recently took to the classroom white board and helped Stewart teach a unit about electrical circuits. He also assembled a simple circuit as an example for his classmates, who did the same as part of the unit.

“So basically, my dad’s an electrician and he passed on the inspiration to me,” he said afterwards. “I know a lot of facts about electricity, so I get to share them with the class so the class can know a lot of things about electricity.”

“He was a pro. He just knew what he was talking about,” Stewart said, later adding, “It got everybody excited, and then everybody knew because he could do it, they could do it, too. Peers learning from peers is really great.”

She said Kamil has a natural curiosity and motivation to learn, no matter what the subject. Kamil said that’s what West Lincoln is all about.

“You get encouraged to learn - they have faith in you, they believe in you.”

Published: May 12, 2021, Updated: May 12, 2021