LPS response to social media video involving students

Several students reported to East High School administration there was a video posted on social media this week that shows three of our high school students using the n-word repeatedly in their vehicle after school hours. Our district office staff have been working with East High School administrators to fully investigate this incident. 

Even though this video was not recorded at school, we will continue to address the situation with the students involved. We have also placed our cultural response team at East High School to assist students affected by seeing this video.

Let us be clear, East High School and Lincoln Public schools will not condone or tolerate this behavior from any of our students or staff. We recognize the n-word is one of the most hateful, inhumane and racist words in the English vocabulary. Its use in any context is not acceptable. Regardless of the recording's timing or location, it is a reminder to each of us of our ever-growing responsibility to address race and racism in our schools and community. 

At LPS, we are committed to each student having a safe place to learn, to be themselves, to express their concerns and to be heard. Our staff are available for any LPS student or family member who would like to talk. Students and families can reach out to a trusted teacher, administrator or counselor at any time. If students and families don’t know who they can talk to, they can reach out to us using the confidential green “Safe to Say” button on our website. By filling out the form we will be able to connect you and your child to a caring LPS staff member who will listen and help you. In addition, if anyone has information of similar incidents involving LPS students occurring, please reach out to us so we can investigate and address the incidents.


Published: December 9, 2020, Updated: December 9, 2020