Lincoln Public Schools: Highlights of 10/8 Lincoln Board of Education meeting

The Lincoln Board of Education met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8, at Lincoln Public Schools District Office, 5905 O St. The Board will hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

First reading, action at next meeting

Legislative Guidelines for 2019-2020

In order to communicate the positions of the Board of Education, the Board approves Legislative guidelines that provide guidance to district staff and representatives communicating with governmental bodies. A change to the guidelines would communicate more clearly support for Educational Service Unit (ESU) 18 and the state-wide network of ESUs.

Policy on Political Activity

LPS reviews policies on an on-going basis and updates policies to ensure they accurately reflect the ever-changing work of the school district. During review, the Government Relations committee found that policies 1310 and 1420 both provided information on Board political activity. The committee recommends merging the two existing policies, and regulations under policy 1420 will become regulations of policy 1310.

Staff celebration

LPS celebrated Carrie Erks from Lincoln Public Schools, who was recently awarded School Social Worker of the Year by the School Social Work Association of Nebraska. School social workers are licensed mental health practitioners who connect students and families to resources at school and in the community in an effort to help students overcome barriers to success. Among her many accomplishments, Erks has led the effort to institute the Second Step curriculum, which teaches social-emotional learning to LPS students in grades kindergarten through seventh grade.

Click here to watch the complete staff celebration.

Public comment

There was one member of the public who addressed the Board during Public Comment on the topic of top three percent academic recognitions for students. 

Click here to watch the full public comment.

LPS LIVE: Board Preview

Educational Service Units (ESUs)

Before every Lincoln Board of Education meeting, Board member Don Mayhew sits down with guests to discuss various topics around Lincoln Public Schools. On Tuesday, Mayhew visited with Sarah Salem, ESU 18 administrator, about the important work ESU 18 does for LPS. View the full episode here.


Published: October 8, 2019, Updated: October 8, 2019