2018 Student Vote Kick-Off Event

Student Vote, which occurs every two years and provides students the opportunity to participate in a mock election, encourages students to be engaged, active and informed members of our democratic society.

Lincoln Public Schools, in partnership with KFOR radio, hosted the Student Vote kick-off event Thursday night at North Star High School - and judging by the enthusiasm of the students in attendance, our future is in good hands.

Students, teachers and parents turned out for the event, which featured patriotic music sung by students from North Star and Kooser Elementary School and an inspiring speech by East High School senior Suzie Cho.

LPS partners with KFOR every two years to hold the mock election in elementary, middle and high schools all across Lincoln. Two years ago, nearly 22,000 students participated. Every LPS school, as well some of Lincoln’s parochial schools, has a teacher advisor for Student Vote, along with three to five student election commissioners.

On Nov. 1, students vote online using their Chromebooks. They’re presented with the same Lancaster County ballot that adult voters will see on election day, Nov. 6. Student Vote results will be posted on lps.org by 3:45 p.m. on Nov. 1.

There also are curriculum tie-ins leading up to Student Vote. For elementary students, there are lessons that focus on the question, “Why does voting matter?” For middle and high school students, it’s “How do I become an informed voter?”

Published: October 19, 2018, Updated: October 25, 2018