Guided reading at Randolph Elementary School

Guided reading is an integral part of elementary instruction in Lincoln Public Schools. In grades kindergarten through second, for example, each teacher has three to four guided reading groups and meets with each one daily. The students in each group have similar instructional needs, allowing for the teacher to plan a lesson that specifically targets the needs of the group. The groups are flexible, allowing for students at any time to move to a group that better matches their needs.

On a recent afternoon, Ashley Howe was leading a group of second-graders at Randolph Elementary through guided reading lessons. Howe’s classroom is “co-taught” with a special education teacher and provides additional support, as well as guided reading, for students. During the course of an hour, students moved between three adult-led groups and a fourth activity that involved them using their Chromebooks for an online reading intervention.

Published: October 18, 2018, Updated: October 18, 2018